What is the Oldest Piece of Tech That You Still Use?

What is the Oldest Piece of Tech That You Still Use?

You’d think we’d use nothing old with the pace that new technology moves, which got me thinking: What is the oldest piece of tech that you regularly use? Mine is my Azden PCS-6000 2m mobile amateur radio, which I use at home; it was released in 1989. There’s no reason to replace as it still works well! How about you?


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Joel McLaughlin
Joel is a consultant in the IT field and is located in Columbus, OH. While he loves Linux and tends to use it more than anything else, he will stoop to running closed source if it is the best tool for the job. His techno passions are Linux, Android, netbooks, GPS, podcasting and Amateur Radio.

2 Comments on "What is the Oldest Piece of Tech That You Still Use?"

  1. I have to say that the last few years I have shed a bunch of older technology. As I have trued to consolidate and minimize, a lot of older specialized things have become superfluous. But, here is what I still use:
    – Our TV in the bedroom is from 1991, and the one for the kids in the basement is 1993. Both 27″ tubes.
    – iPod Nano – the 3rd gen Phatty, actually my wife’s, and it still has outrageous battery life!

    I was still using a bunch of late-80s / early 90s music gear, but the reality is that the iPad is just too portable and powerful to NOT use it anymore. So I am in the process of transferring old songs from Digital Performer software into Garageband (then to iPad)

  2. I am down to one Netbook but I still have my Asus Eeepad Transformer. My ham gear ranks as older than anything else because some of them just last forever. Are the new ones better? Generally they are but the old ones are still perfectly useable.

    That may end once I get some new rigs though. The one in the pic I will even keep after it dies as it’s the last new one my grandpa used. 🙂

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