IK Multimedia iRing Now Shipping, Review Coming Soon!

iRing by IK Multimedia

iRing by IK Multimedia

Every year at CES and NAMM IK Multimedia presents a bunch of great new technology for music and media aimed largely at the consumer electronics market. This year was no exception, and now we have gotten word from IK multimedia that the iRing music motion controller is shipping! We will have a review soon, but here are some details.

The iRing technology is cool in the way it reminds me of the classic Theramin motion-music system, adapted for the smartphone age. iRing is a hardware-software system that has the user wear rings with dot patterns, then uses the iPad/iPhone front-facing camera to sense the dots of the iRing in the field of view and how they move over time, then translates those motions into commands that will work with a variety of compatible music-making apps.

Here are the basics:

The iRing system consists of two double-sided “rings” to wear comfortably on the fingers along with a series of apps that are able to detect the iRings’ accurate positions in space using the device’s camera. Through the recognition of the dot patterns printed on the rings, the device’s camera picks up the movement and translates it into MIDI information. Users can then interact with music apps by simply moving their hands in front of their device through the precise reading of the ring position, which is converted into music commands or MIDI control messages to operate various app parameters without touching the device.

Some key iRing Features:
– Advanced motion-tracking technology provides remote control of iOS apps using hand positions and gestures
– Includes two identical, double-sided reversible rings allowing for numerous control combinations and control of up to 6 effects’ parameters simultaneously with two hands
– iRings are unique looking, light, comfortable and provide a universal fit
– Free Apps are available on the App Store: iRing Music Maker app, which gives the ability to make music using hand gestures with no previous musical knowledge, and also the iRing FX/Controller app, which lets musicians and DJs create custom MIDI control setups, plus add and control audio effects, using compatible apps or external devices
– iRing computer vision technology can be licensed and incorporated into other third-party apps including gaming, health & fitness, utilities and more

Pricing and Where to Buy:

iRing controllers cost $24.99, are available in three colors (white, green and grey) and are now shipping from music and electronics retailers worldwide (such as Amazon, Sweetwater Sound and more) and from the IK Multimedia online store.

The apps are free (with in-app purchases):

iRing Music Maker


iRing FX Controller:


Check out these videos:

Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNfZrhYbib4

Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke0fre_gTbw

IK Multimedia Links for iRing:

For more information about iRing™ for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, please visit:

To view the iRing video playlist, please visit:

For more information about the free iRing development kit and licensing program, please visit:

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