Speck DuraFolio for iPad Air Review

As you may have read here on Gear Diary, Speck was recently purchased by Samsonite. I’m curious to see what new products begin to appear as a result. Even before this happened however the lineup of Speck cases continued to increase. One of the newest cases is the Speck DuraFolio for iPad Air; it comes in five different color combinations.The case has an MSRP of $69.95. For that price you get a folio-style case that “combine function, protection and style”. The case offers military-grade protection and features an adjustable landscape stand.


Speck DuraFolio for iPad Air

Speck notes that the case is tested to meet or exceed MIL-810G-STD. This is a military standard that standard for drop protection but it is worth noting that Speck still includes a disclaimer that the case may not fully protect your iPad if dropped. In other words, this is a good case that offers decent protection but you still won’t want to use your iPad Air as a frisbee.


Speck DuraFolio for iPad Air Video Review

Despite the protective nature of the case, the Speck DuraFolio for iPad Air only adds .3″ to the tablet’s thickness. A textured finish lets you get and keep a secure grip on the tablet; it adds to the visual interest of the case as well. It is also worth noting that Speck embedded magnets in the cover so the Speck DuraFolio for iPad Air will activate the iPad Air’s auto wake/sleep functionality. The magnets also serve to keep the folio cover firmly in place when closed.



The DuraFolio for iPad Air is a nice case that offers some key features. These include:

  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Optimal typing angle
  • Military-grade drop protection
  • Available in five colors
  • Magnetic auto wake/sleep

At $69.95 this is not an inexpensive case; it is also not nearly as refined as the Element Case Soft-Folio we just reviewed. Unlike the Element Case offering however this case comes in five different color combinations: Deep Sea/Mykonos/Slate; Black/Slate; Slate/Peacock; Fuchsia/White and Black/Poppy Red. The color combinations are nice, but I’m not totally enamored with this design. As much as I like the protection the DuraFolio offers and appreciate just how thin the case actually is, the boxy shape of the case actually makes it look fairly thick and rather bulky. That stands in stark contrast to the iPad Air and its strikingly thin design. For me it is a just a bit too much of a contrast, and the case design undoes the size and weight reduction that went into the Air’s design. That noted, the DuraFolio IS a nicely protective case. For someone who likes Speck’s style and protection and doesn’t mind the angular design of the case, it is a good, if not excellent, option. You can learn more here. You can order yours through our Amazon Affiliate Store by clicking here.

MSRP: $69.95

What I Like: Available in five color combinations; Nicely protective; Magnets keep the case close and activate the Sleep/Awake functionality; Functions as a multi-angle landscape stand

What Needs Improvement: “Military grade protection” may make some needlessly careless with the case when the small print offers tons of disclaimers; Not as refined as some other cases; Stand functionality is landscape only

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample Speck DuraFolio for iPad Air

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