ProClip Keeps My iPhone 6+ Safe on the Road

I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6+ and a 2015 Lexus IS 250 F-Sport. A new phone and a new car meant I needed to rethink how I used technology on the go. The car has Apple’s EyesFree, but I still need a safe, secure place for my phone to charge. That’s where ProClip came in quite handy.


I’ve used ProClips’s products on and off for many years and am consistently impressed with the quality and selection. The products can become pricey rather quickly, but you get what you pay for in many cases, and that certainly is true here. In addition, the system tends to be ala carte, meaning you need to think about what car you have, what mode of docking you want, and what device you will be using. Fortunately, a new accessory added to the flexibility of the system.

First off, in the past I used a mount that kept the phone low and to my side on the center console. The new mount I’m using goes over the air duct to the right. That means the phone is still to the side but is at eye height. This is particularly useful if you plan to use your phone as your GPS system. Let’s take a look at the various items I was sent for review, and I’ll give some impressions from using them for the last few weeks.

Video Look at the ProClip System



The cradle I opted for is one that has a built-in lightning connector and is adjustable. That means you can use it with the iPhone in its naked state or you can use it with an iPhone in most, but not all, cases. I have yet to find a case that doesn’t work with this particular smartphone mount.

The biggest change for me in the system is the quick release clip that I was also sent. This allows you to have the car adapter in place permanently open parentheses actually its semi permanent since it can always be removed without leaving any blemishes close parentheses but swap out different phone mounts. That’s key for me since I go between devices and the cradle for the iPhone 6 + is going to be far too large if I am, for example, using a Sony Xperia Z3 compact. It also holds true if I ever decide to go down to an iPhone 6.

Detailed Look at the System:


The first piece of the system was the ProClip Center Mount. This will differ from car to car, but the company seems to have a mount for pretty much every car. You simply out the car’s make, model and year into their system, and the company will show you which mounts are available. The mount for my car cost just under $30 and installed in a matter of seconds. Here’s how ProClip describes the features and benefits of the specific mount that was available for my 2015 Lexus IS250 F-Sport. (I suspect these features and benefits are pretty standard across all mounts.)

  • Provides the perfect mounting platform
  • Clips into the seams of the dashboard
  • Easily attach a device holder to the mount
  • Secure fit within easy reach from the driver’s seat
  • No holes or damage to your dashboard
  • No dashboard dismantling
  • Pre-drilled holes for AMPS hole patterns
  • Made of high-grade ABS plastic
  • Designed and manufactured in Sweden

You can check out the one I got here.


I was also sent the new Move Clip Kit. This kit costs $13.99 and consists of 2 Female and 1 Male Plates that make it simple to swap one device cradle for another. Since I use a number of phones I was rather happy to get this as part of the review package. The Female Plate attaches to a dashboard mount or flat surface while the Male Plate attaches to the back of the device or holder.


As ProClip explains, you install the Move Clip in a few simple steps.

Move your device/holder from vehicle to vehicle or place to place using only one holder. The Move Clip system is basically a Female Plate with a wide V-slot and a Male Plate that is shaped to fit into the V-slot in the Female Plate. The Male Plate slides into the Female Plate. The Female Plate attaches to a mounting bracket or any kind of flat surface. The Male Plate attaches on the back of your device or on your device holder/cradle. The Move Clip System can be used in vehicles, boats, RVs etc. It can also be attached to walls, computer monotors etc. This Move Clip is intended for moving one device between two places e.g. between two vehicles or between a vehicle and a boat etc.  The Female Plate attaches to a flat surface i.e. a dashboard mount as shown in the picture. The Female Plate comes with two strips of double adhesive tape on the back and two screws. You can attach the Female Plate to the flat surface by either screws or glue or both. The Male Plate comes with two strips of double adhesive tape on the back and two screws. You can attach the Male Plate to the holder by either screws, glue or both. If you are attaching the Male Plate onto the back of your device you can only glue it on. The adhesive tape is very strong and is enough for it to attache properly. The tape is still easy to remove if done the right way. It doesn’t leave foam like pieces from the tape when removed.

You can check out this $13.99 accessory here.


The final piece of the system I was sent was the Apple iPhone 6 Plus With a Case Adjustable Charging Holder with Tilt Swivel and USB Cigarette Lighter Plug. This holder works with the iPhone in small to medium cases and comes with the Lightning cable already in place. At $89.99 it is pricey, but for the money you get a holder that is specifically designed to hold and charge the first Apple phablet.


Features and Specs

  • Keeps your device within easy reach
  • Angle holder 20 degrees in any direction
  • Allows for Portrait and Landscape view
  • Device thickness: (6 mm) to (10 mm)
  • Width adjustment: (75 mm) to (89 mm)
  • Discreet design blends well with vehicle interior
  • Made in Sweden from High Grade ABS Plastic
  • USB cable with 12 V power plug included
  • USB cable permanently attached to holder
  • Cord length is 39 inch / 99 cm
  • Works in any 12 V vehicle power outlet
  • Provides 10 Watts (2.1A) fast charging power
  • Power plug converts from 12 V to 5 V output
  • LED illuminated power indicator

The system looks like this when put together but not installed.


And it looks like this when it is in place in the car.



The combination is, as noted in the introduction, rather pricey at just over $130 for the three pieces. It does, however, create a stable base for my phone that holds it securely and charges the device on the go. I’m a fan and am quite pleased with the ProClip combination I received for review. My iPhone 6+ was an expensive device to purchase and knowing that it is held in a safe and secure manner while I drive is good for the phone… And my driving safety. You can learn more about the ProClip system and order yours here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Specific to my car; Holds and charges the phone with or without a case; Ships with the cable in place; Doesn’t permanently damage the car but stays in place until you remove it

What Needs Improvement: Pricey; Takes time and though to put together the right system for your needs and vehicle

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  1. beijingmac | April 10, 2015 at 7:46 pm |

    I am an Über driver and my iPhone mount is important to me. I own the same one that you have but after about 3 months the middle screw will not tighten enough to hold the mount upright. Proclip acknowledges that there is a problem but requires me to pay return shipping plus a credit card in order to receive a replacement. For an expensive mount, I found their policy highly unsatisfactory. Maybe that’s why they don’t sell this mount on Amazon – too many people will complain.

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