Pitaka MagEZ Mount Qi Lets Your Phone Go Places

My new lease vehicle has Qi wireless charging built into the console; it works fine but requires the phone to be hidden away in the center console. There are, however, times when I need my phone within view for navigation, and there’s no better way to do that than with the new $49.99 Pitaka MagEZ Mount Qi Magnetic Car Mount Charger.

The Pitaka MagEZ Mount Qi is a small device. It looks simple, but it gets the job done. My review sample came with both a vent mount and a 3M adhesive mount. Other mounting options are also available.

The previous Qi car charger I used was attached using the adhesive method. It worked… until it didn’t. More than once, the charger came loose, resulting in the charger and the phone falling. With that experience in mind, it should be no surprise that I opted for the vent mount.

Easy to install and remove: Either clip the claw onto your car vent or press the suction cup on your windshield, then start to use your MagEZ Mount Qi!

Not only was it easy to install, but it also did so without blocking too much of the vent.

360-degree rotation: A highly-flexible ball head allows you to easily adjust the mount for best viewing angle.

The ball joint at the back of the charger allows just enough movement to place it at the proper angle for viewing from the driver’s seat.

The charger is made from aramid fiber and zinc alloy. It not only looks fantastic, but it also makes for a charger that is tough and gets the job done. This new charger has an upgraded chip as compared to the previous generation. It charges Qi-enabled phones in just a few hours.

The charger also has nine embedded magnets.

That means if you have a case with embedded steel plates such as Speck’s offerings or a Pitaka MagCase like the one I have and love (read my review), you can stick the phone on the cradle and have faith it will stay in place.

But there’s more. The Pitaka MagMount Qi has subtle vents crafted along the sides. They look cool, but they aren’t there for aesthetics.

Instead, the vents working with the embedded fan to dissipate the heat generated from the transmitting coil. That keeps the charger cool, your device safe, and the power flowing at the fastest speed possible.

The company includes a USB-A to USB-C charging cable. It got the job done, but I quickly found the cable to be a bit too long. It got snagged on bags when placed in the front seat and took what would otherwise be an accessory that avoided cluttering up your dash and … cluttered it up. I grabbed a short USB-C to USB-C cable I had around and used that instead. I’m quite happy with the appearance and functionality.


  • Easiest In-Car Charging: Aesthetically Pleasing. Fast Wireless Charging Experience in-vehicle you never had.
  • Eliminate the Chaos in Your Car: Holds your phone with MagEZ Case or your MagEZ Wallet; keep your car organized when driving.
  • 100% Charged Within 3 Hours: Upgraded with all new professional chip and fixed frequency fast charging, top up your device within 3 hours only with confidence thanks to overvoltage protection.
  • Professional Heat Dissipation Design: The embedded fan dissipates heat generated from the transmitting coil greatly, ensuring a faster-charging speed and a longer life for your device.
  • Hold Tightly and Auto Align: 9 N52-T grade super strong magnets embedded auto-align your device and assure your phone being mounted tightly.
  • The Materials: We are insistent on the materials, and it’s the same for the MagEZ Mount Qi. Enhanced with aramid fiber and zinc alloy, it possesses both the function and aesthetics.

I was excited that my new phone has wireless charging built-in; unfortunately, using the wireless charger meant hiding my phone in the center console. Within a day of getting the car, I was back to using a charging cradle. Then I went and installed Pitaka’s offering, and I’m pretty happy with it. Its design and materials look classy and, once I swapped the long cable for one that is significantly shorter, it made a nice clean install. The MagEZ Mount Qi is east to install and even easier to use. The magnets are strong enough to hold the phone tightly, and they have an “auto-align” feature that immediately places the phone in the correct location for optimal charging. The Pitaka MagEZ Mount Qi is a great product that works well with Pitaka’s cases, but it also does the trick with other cases so long as they have properly-positioned metal plates embedded in their back. This is now my cradle/charger of choice, and I expect I’ll be using it for the duration of my new lease. Assuming, of course, Pitaka doesn’t come out with an update next year. Check it out.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Great, classy design; Premium materials; Magnets align the phone with charger and hold it securely; Offers fast-charging; Fan and vents keep the charger from overheating; Various different mounting options available

What Needs Improvement: The included cable is longer than I needed in my car so I swapped it out for something shorter

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