Narrative Clip Captures Snippets of Your Life in 30 Second Increments

How would you like a visual reminder of everything that you did during the day? I’m talking a record of every place that you went, every person that you ran into, every interaction? To me it sounds like a big boring nightmare, but to you? Well, if it’s your idea of a good time, then you need the Narrative Clip.

Narrative Clip Captures Snippets of Your Life in 30 Second Increments

The $199 8-megapixel Narrative Clip 2 has just been announced, and it will not only include WiFi and BT connectivity, wider angles, it will have a new mount. The original (and slightly less capable) version is $149. If you go on a live-blogging bender, you can catch about 30 hours on the Narrative Clip 2’s battery, because that’s how good it is.

Additional features of the Narrative Clip 2 include:

  • GPS: Remember the places you visited with location data
  • Battery: 30 hours of battery life gives you plenty of time between charges
  • Memory: Capture two full days of photos with the built in 8 GB memory
  • Accelerometer: Automatically rotates all your photos – no matter how you wear it
  • Wi-Fi: Syncs automatically over your chosen Wi-Fi network
  • Bluetooth: Check your latest photos instantly or update settings over Bluetooth
  • USB Port: Charge or connect to your computer with the included USB cord
  • Apps available for iPhone, Android and desktop

You can learn more about the Narrative Clip (both versions One and Two) by clicking here.

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