Lenovo Brings a Huge Consumer Lineup to CES

Lenovo has been on fire the last few years with some amazing consumer offerings. They’re expanding even further this year at CES, announcing 10 new devices, from YOGA tablets and laptops to ultraportables, smartphones, and even a smartwatch/fitness tracker. You can check out their full lineup at their CES 2015 site, but here are a few of my favorites!


First, there’s some new additions to the YOGA line. They’re thin on details like specifications, but the look of the new YOGA 2 Windows 8 tablet is quite impressive. It also comes with what Lenovo calls “Anypen” technology that lets any ballpoint pen or graphite pencil become a stylus. It’s not clear how that works, or if they have a special coating on the screen to prevent scratches, but it’s an interesting idea. They also have a YOGA 3 laptop, which continues in the YOGA tradition of having a bending hinge that covers multiple angles.


In addition, they’ve announced a VIBE Android smartphone, along with a VIBE smartband. It’s not clear if either of these are coming to the USA, but the phone certainly sounds like it is well designed, and the VIBE band looks really cool. Hopefully they’ll find their way to some USA carriers.

Be sure to check out everything Lenovo has to offer, and stay tuned to Gear Diary for more great CES news.

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