Leoht Tech Handbags Combine Style with Power and Convenience!

There are many bags that offer charging and backup batteries for your gadgets; unfortunately, most of these scream “tech bag”, and aren’t terribly pretty. Worse, they’re not the kind of thing you can carry into the office or a meeting, especially if you want to look professional. Leoht Tech Handbags has a Kickstarter with a potential solution!

Leoht Tech Handbags Combine Style with Power and Convenience!

First, the Leoht Tech Handbags look like professional, gorgeous tote bags. They’re leather totes with plenty of pockets inside to organize everything you need, plus they offer USB ports for charging your gadgets AND an internal light so you can see what’s lurking at the bottom of your bag. Best of all, they’ve cleverly included inductive charging so all you need to do to keep your bag charged is drop it on the charging plate. Leoht has effectively taken the best parts of external chargers and high-end handbags and combined them into one product, a pretty impressive feat!

Prices for backers are very reasonable for a leather handbag with a built-in battery. They start at $149 if you want an early bird Leoht bag, with prices trending a little higher if you want the embossed leather instead of a plain design. MSRP is projected to be much higher at $350, so if you’re interested the Kickstarter price is a great deal! Currently they aim to be shipping by October, though much of that hinges on the success of their Kickstarter campaign.

Leoht looks very promising, and if you need a stylish and professional look that still keeps you connected all day, head to Kickstarter to learn more!


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