Roku Announces New Smart TV Lineup with Sling TV & WatchESPN

One of my favorite devices that I use in my home is my Roku. Even though I have a Smart TV, I was actually pretty disturbed that Roku TV was not on my Sony Vizio when I purchased it. So I was surprised when I found out a lesser known (in the US) brand by the name of TCL announced they would be making Roku TVs.

Roku Announces New Smart TV Lineup with Sling TV & WatchESPN

TCL is actually the number one domestic TV brand in China and quickly making strides abroad. The inexpensive televisions have been labels things like “cheap”, and “Not of Sony” quality, but those naysayers are simply people who buy for the name of the company, not the quality of the product. Regardless, TCL announced the availability and pricing for its latest bundle of televisions.

The TCL line will come in three different models: 32″, 45″, and 55″. The price for the 32-inch 32S3700 is 4219, with the 48-inch 48s3700 model being $429. Their 55-inch which intrigues me the most comes in at a modest price of $598. Major retailers will receive them later this month into early April. Following the 3700 Series will be the 3800 and 3850 Series, which are a refresh to the previous 4610R model.

TCL Roku TVs feature a personalized home screen with access to all entertainment sources that you’d expect from a typical Roku stick. Even though TCL just launched in August of 2014, their Roku TV received a few industry awards, with the biggest being “Best TV of 2014” and “Editor’s Choice” from PC magazine for the 4610 series.

The prices for their televisions are comparable to those you’d find at a Black Friday sale or on Amazon for competing models. Each TV sports the same styles, minus minor detail changes depending on what size you get.

It’s also worth noting that TCL first announce their 4k TCL TV’s at CES, and although currently in development, there’s no timeline on when they will be released.

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