The AmpStrip Is a Comfortable All-Day Monitoring Wearable

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The AmpStrip Is a Comfortable All-Day Monitoring Wearable Listen to this article

I’m not the greatest at keeping tabs on the things I do at the gym, and I’m even worse at tracking my performance. Even on the treadmill, grasping the monitor grips while running full speed is pretty dangerous. Luckily Fitlinxx’s AmpStrip is one of those products that might stop me from injuring myself.

The AmpStrip Is a Comfortable All-Day Monitoring Wearable

FitLinxx is an industry leading enterprise that has more than twenty years of experience in health and fitness technology. Their goal with the AmpStrip is to motivate users to live actively and improve their performance and well-being. Their own fitness facility helps members adopt exercise that achieve fitness goals. So it’s no surprise their first venture into fitness gadgets would be an original product.

The AmpStrip Is a Comfortable All-Day Monitoring Wearable

A CES Innovation Award winner for 2015, as well as being Engadget’s 2015 “Best Of CES” winner, the AmpStrip is a thin, waterproof adhesive heart rate and activity monitor that can be worn all day. Already this is something I’ve looked for. The hypoallergenicdical-grade, sensor-filled strip sticks to your torso in a Band-Aid like way without that “ouch removal” or that flappy “I can feel that gap” feeling. Comfortably on your body the AmpStrip automatically and continuously will track everything you do, from walking around the office, to running outside in the evenings, down to the rest and recovery periods when you’re sedentary.

The AmpStrip Is a Comfortable All-Day Monitoring Wearable

Supported on iOS and Android devices, the AmpStrip wirelessly feeds date in real-time while holding it in memory so when you sync to your phone, you won’t miss a beat. This means you won’t have to carry your phone with you everywhere you go in attempts to count steps and movements, the AmpStrip does this for you. A feature that I thought was pretty nifty is the strip recharges wirelessly , and works seamlessly with all popular fitness apps as well as smart watches. Can’t wait to use this with MyFitnessPal!

The AmpStrip Is a Comfortable All-Day Monitoring Wearable

We’re thrilled by all the excitement surrounding AmpStrip,” said Dave Monahan, president and CEO of FitLinxx. “There was a need in the marketplace for a heart rate and activity monitor that truly enhanced the wearers’ experience. AmpStrip offers a smarter, more discrete, more comfortable and more accurate solution so athletes can make better training decisions during each workout, when planning for the next workout and in evaluating fitness level over time.”

The AmpStrip can be worn for 3-7 days before the adhesive will need to be replaced. The wireless battery lasts 7 days of continuous wear and recharges in 2-3 hours.

Currently in the beta stage, the product is seeking funding through a pre-order on Indiegogo campaign to bring the exercise to market. When the product ships, the app will be available for download in both the iTunes and Google Play stores.

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