Lolli-Flop 5.02 Bricked My Over-Priced Nexus 9

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Lolli-Flop 5.02 Bricked My Over-Priced Nexus 9 Listen to this article

Friday I received notification that Android 5.02 was available for my Nexus 9.  I accepted the update and left it on the charger in my office before leaving for the weekend. Upon my return Monday morning, I found that update 5.02 has apparently bricked my Nexus 9, leaving it in perpetual reboot sequence, and it doesn’t look like I’m alone.

Lolli-Flop 5.02 Bricked My Over-Priced Nexus 9

Sadly this isn’t my first bout of bad luck with a Nexus device. However I think it’s going to be my last…

First I had to return my Nexus 6 due to a product defect where the device repeatedly powered down. Now  Android Lollipop 5.02 update bricked my very expensive ($600+) Nexus 9.

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That’s the end of the road for my love fest with Google Nexus.

To be honest I’m not all that attracted to Google any longer.

They have a very short attention span and the products they fiddle with are often half done (at best) and nowhere close to enterprise ready.

Microsoft is nipping at Google’s heels and while I never thought I’d say this – many of Microsoft’s products are looking better love – and better polished – than the myriad of half-done Google projects – including:
Google Voice (ever try to use the web UI?), Google+ (just removed shared circles – wonder what will be dismantled next), Gmail apps (universal inbox barely works, Inbox app excludes most Google Apps users), highly fragmented Android with poor adoption of latest release. Shall I go on?

I just cancelled my $999 Chromebook Pixel. Thankfully I caught the order fast enough to put the brakes on.

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