Flips Is a Visual Messaging App You Have to See to Believe

You can never have enough messaging apps. If you’re one of those folks who enjoy staying connected to your friends and you’re looking for an alternative that will work seamlessly, the new app Flips, might just be for you.

Flips is a visually-powered messaging app that lets you picture your words from a flipbook-style perspective. With the ability to take a photo, select an image from your library, or you can even shoot a video, attach it to a word, and simply share it with a friend. By capturing the moments, it goes far beyond texting, emojis, or some type of disappearing image after viewing them, which makes each conversation better than what you’d get out of the stock messaging features on your phone.

Flips Is A Visual Messaging App You Have To See To Believe

With Flips you can not only transform your everyday words, but you can overlay text and audio to video and pictures, which alone takes 4-5 separate apps to do what one app can do. Think about it, you honestly get apps like Messages, Flipboard, Over, and Snapchat, collectively into one app. With the ability to sync your contacts from Facebook and your own contact list, you can even send a “flip” to friends who may not even have the app. Founded in 2014 and based in Dallas with partners Taylor Hartnett and Robert Washington, the Co-Founder & CEO of Flips, Anthony Alfieri stated:

Flips Is A Visual Messaging App You Have To See To Believe

“Regular text messages are flat. Even with emojis, there is only so much that can be communicated and often times, simple messages are misinterpreted. Flips reenergizes your conversations and injects more fun, creativity and possibility into your messages. Rather than turn to overused phrases or images, Flips lets you create your own visual vocabulary that’s completely unique and true to you.”


Not only is messaging more entertaining using Flips, you’re able to get your message out in a more unique yet accurate way. Texting is already so impersonal, so why not try to say what you mean, and mean what you say, all while still being creative with family and friends? Download the free iOS app and flip your friends out today.

Download Flips in the App Store, or go to flipsapp.com.

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