Alcatel’s OneTouch Idol 3 Pre-Orders Have Begun Shipping

If you were able to read our review on the Alcatel OneTouch IDOL 3 earlier in the month and were excited about it enough to pre-order, you’ll be surprised to know that pre-orders have officially began shipping as of today!
The IDOL 3, Alcatel’s new global flagship device will also officially launch here in the US through as well as officially today.
Alcatel's OneTouch Idol 3 Pre-Orders Have Begun Shipping
The IDOL 3 is a great phone that not only has a great battery, and a long battery life for an affordable price, sporting great speakers and a vibrant display, it’s no surprise Alcatel made sure that the devices shipped out IMMEDIATELY. With a look that you’d expect from a more expensive smart phone, the Alcatel Idol 3 sports a 5.5-inch display, and an 8-megapixel front camera with a 13-mp camera with flash on the (nonremoveable) back. 
Slimmer than the OnePlusOne, the Idol 3 has a brilliant 1920 x 1080 display and comes with Android 5.1 immediately out of the box. And it’s been said straight from Steve Cistulli, the Senior Vice President and General manager of North America for Alcatel OneTouch states:
“We’re committed to ensuring that we always have the very best user experience possible and plan to have IDOL 3 software updates available to consumers via over-the-air updates. Timing on these updates will be on a rolling basis as needed.”
That being said, if you’ve been waiting for your pre-ordered Idol 3 to arrive after ordering the day it became available, it might only be a few more days until you receive it in your hands!

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