Logitech’s 2015 Play Collection Mice Are Better Than Your Standard Keyboard Mouse

Are you sick of having the same, tired looking computer mouse you might just be in luck!

Logitech has announced that for the seventh straight yea, they will be doing their Logitech Play Collection, which will bring some new, playful characters and patterns on two of Logitech’s popular mice, the Logitech Wireless MM325c and their Logitech Wireless M317c.

The mice are both comfortable to hold and with Logitech’s advanced optical tracking, you won’t ever have one of those annoying instances where your mouse isn’t registering on certain surfaces.

Logitech's 2015 Play Collection Mice Are Better Than Your Standard Keyboard Mouse

“Our goal was to evoke a little fun, and remind you to smile when you’re using your mouse,” said Charlotte Johs, global vice president of computer peripherals at Logitech. “We combined a splash of color, a touch of playfulness and a dash of spirit to create this year’s 2015 Logitech Play Collection. The color combinations and designs are inspiring, cheerful, and add personality to your desk.”

The pair of mice are now available for purchase for $29.99 in various colors today, and are compatible with Windows, Macs, Chrome OS and Linux. Get yourself one today!

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