I Need the TrackR Bravo Because I Lose Things; You’ll Need It Too.

I have a pretty shitty time keeping up with my keys. amongst most things. So when the popular company TrackR raised over a million dollars through IndieGoGo to start production of their TrackR Bravo, I was READY to have one.

Just think about it, an opportunity to track down my keys through my phone? I’m not the type to lose my keys in the couch, but I am the type to leave them in a jacket in the closet, or in a pair of pants that I tossed to the side somewhere. And rather than scrambling for them, the TrackR Bravo makes finding them that much easier. So when I was sent a review sample I practically ripped open the package to get my hands on it.

The TrackR Bravo can essentially find your iPhone or whatever you attach it to if you lose it. It’s essentially the size of two quarters stacked on top of each other, it’s that small. And with a small loop to attach to your keyring or to something like a pet collar, it’s small enough to not look silly on your keys, or your cat.


Now since I did receive a review unit, I do have to speak on one particular thing. As someone who did not actually have the funds at the time to purchase the TrackR back when it began on IndieGoGo, I have seen plenty of (less than silent) chatter regarding the shipping process for those who did back the product. As with a lot of products, there are review units sent out to obviously, review. So I’ve read a few Facebook comments regarding people canceling their orders because they did not receive them as promptly as they wanted. Working with TrackR, they’ve been very transparent about everything, and let me know they are trying their hardest to get all of those who funded them from the start their items. Take into account some people may have chosen the engraving feature, or multiple units, etc etc, and I sympathize with you and hope you receive yours soon. This however, is a review of the product for you all to enjoy until yours arrives at your door, and trust me, you will enjoy it.


That being said, the TrackR has an anodized aluminum frame which I received in a silver color way. Obviously the silver is a very nice coating, but as you would expect, sitting next to your keys all day, they are not immune to receiving a scratch or two. There’s more than a silver color, I think that the black and blue look the best if you do not want to completely see the “wear” of the device.

With a 100 foot range, using bluetooth in unison with the TrackR App for free in the App Store (or Google Play), you can easily sync your Bravo in less than seven seconds. Now remind you this is version 1.0 of a product, and it’s damned good. 100 feet for me is more than enough. There may be some of you who think the TrackR Bravo is one of those devices that you can leave at the bar, get all the way home and think “oh man, maybe their at the bar, let me open the app!” Let me be the first to tell you, you’ll be disappointed. And for those anal folks who hate leaving bluetooth on, just know that it needs to be turned on at all times, and running in the background. It did no harm to my battery at all, which is welcomed.


The TrackR app itself lets you add a new device and label it from a category with things you’d normally lose, like a lady’s purse, keys, or your dog (which you should already never ATTEMPT to lose. Don’t lose Fluffy.) The app itself will let you connect to up to 10 different TrackR Bravos, which is great if you have different sets of keys, or separate your car keys from your home, like I have done since using the KeySmart 2.0.

But the TrackR Bravo shines in being a two-way tracking device. For example, say if you misplace your phone and have your keys handy, you can press the Trackr Bravo to locate it. This saved my skin quite a few times, especially this one time I went to the gym and couldn’t remember if I left my iPhone over at the weights, or on the treadmill. Sure, it annoyed everyone in the gym with the “Transformer” like sound that it makes, but that screeching noise will certainly find you your phone, and make you want to do it, FAST.


Think about it, for around $30 bucks (without engraving) you can potentially save yourself the hassle of having to call someone to let you into your home, or worse, pay your cell phone providers insurance if you leave your phone at the bar. Because even though there are good Samaritans in the world, not everyone plays the game of chivalry, and a new smartphone is a lot more lucrative than a “thanks for finding the phone I was too drunk to remember.”

Using the device on our doggy cousin, Buddha, was fun… until it wasn’t. It might just be our dog, but Buddha absolutely hate the noise that the TrackR makes when attached to him. A part of me is happy about that because maybe it will make him, or your pet for that matter return back to where you are, if you have that dog that loves to wonder. Also, with that being said, I HIGHLY suggest investing in the water-resistant sleeve for the TrackR if you do attach this to a bet. The edges of the TrackR are very sleek to say the least but with dogs scratching themselves, the added protection, as well as waterproofing is a good thing to not have to worry about. Please note, the TrackR Bravo is water-resistant, but not actually “Waterproof”. So if you have plans of throwing your keys in the water this summer, here’s some advice…. don’t.


With other a year worth of battery life (and if you need to replace them the CR1616 batteries are dirt cheap), I personally lover the TrackR Bravo. It’s small enough to not look clumsy on my keychain, and it comes in enough cool colors that it pleases everyone. Now that the pre-order portion is done, I would highly advise purchasing directly from the TrackR Website for $30. There’s also an accessories package you can order as well if you chose to.

Source: Manufacturer Supplied Review Unit

What I Like: The size is perfectly. Small enough to be discreet but not tiny enough to lose.

What Needs Improvement: Maybe a BIT of work on the bluetooth connectivity, especially with having to have that app open at all times.

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