Scosche’s SportClipAir Earbuds Are Wireless and They Won’t Fall Out

Sick of your headphones falling out of your ear when out for a run? Hate having to run with a cord hitting you as you jog? Well Scosche has an ergonomically shaped pair of buds that are fit for those who are trying to get fit this summer.

The SportClipAir is Scosche’s newest set of wireless adjustable earbuds that don’t just look comfortable, but, are designed for those always in motion. Celebrating 35 years in the audio game, Scosche’s SportsAirClip seems to be their best effort. Engineered to deliver high quality wireless audio, along with a seven hour battery life, the SportClip Air is the ideal in ear headphone, with an additional loop for over ear that makes sure you won’t find yourself doing that awkward “finger over your ear” adjusting motion when running, regardless of being in or outdoors. With its integrated mic and volume buttons, you can stop reaching for your phone to answer that person interrupting you while on a mission to burn those calories.

Scosche's SportClipAir Earbuds Are Wireless and They Won't Fall Out

Available in three colors, blue, black and pink (my personal favorite 😉 ) they will be available this month for $99 from their website.

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