Logitech’s New “Logi Circle” Camera Is a Promising Home Monitoring Camera

I remember the days when we had to worry about the ADP person coming in on a Saturday morning to hook up the security in my Mom’s house. Took him all day long, and I’m pretty sure it was expensive.

And it seems as if every company these days is making home security cameras, but there’s one company that is known for their products being of premium quality, and that’s Logitech. Announced this week, Logitech announced their Logi Circle Portable Home Connection Camera, a combination of a camera and a companion app that brings the things going on in your home straight to your smartphone.

Logitech's New "Logi Circle" Camera is a Promising Home Monitoring Camera

With products like the Nest camera and their recent disappointing update, a lot of people are looking for a product that will replace it. The interesting thing about the Logi Circle is that not only will the camera monitor your home, but through the accompanying app, you can stream live HD video with two-way talk and listen over Wi-Fi. Essentially a webcam on top of a security camera. But what interests me the most is that one thing Logitech promises, the 24-hour cloud backup of your videos that you can go back to and view at any given time. Most others would make you pay, or just don’t have this feature at all.


Expected to ship later this month, the Logi Circle will cost $199.99. You can visit Logitech.com for more details!

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