Magnetic Organizational System (MOS) Review: Fab Cables That Stay in Place

I’ve made no bones about my disdain for OEM Apple cables, but I’ll reiterate: they are cheaply made, they fray, they fail, and they are not inexpensive. That’s why I love quality aftermarket cables, and right now I am really digging the Magnetic Organizational System (MOS) I was recently sent. Their quality is outstanding, and the work perfectly.

Gear Diary reviews the Magnetic Organization System MOS

I was sent an assortment of MOS Spring Charging Cables that included one with the Apple Lightning connector and one with the otherwise universal microUSB. The first thing that sets these cables apart from all others that I’ve tried is their Exoskeleton™ braided jacket; it’s not made of braided cloth, it’s made of what appears to be (and feels like) braided metal.

Gear Diary reviews the Magnetic Organization System MOS-002

Each MOS Spring charging and syncing cable has a “metal spring strain relief protects the most vulnerable part of the cable. It also ensures the cable will work great with the MOS and the MOS Menos.” Spring cables have Anodized aluminum heads “for added protection to the conductor”, and their “rugged Exoskeleton™ woven jacket provides tangle-free strength and crush protection.”

Gear Diary reviews the Magnetic Organization System MOS

The cords on these cables don’t feel like anything I’ve used before; not only do they have a little extra pizzaz, they feel sturdy, impossible to tangle, and more ruggedized. The result is a fab cable that looks and works wonderfully.  The MOS Spring Micro USB Cable is $18.85 for the 3′ version and $24.95 for the 6′ version. The MOS Spring Lightning cable is $29.95, with only a 3′ version available. These cables come with a lifetime, no questions asked, warranty. “If your MOS Spring cable fails for any reason, just send it back and we’ll give you a new one, no questions asked.”

But I still haven’t got to what makes the MOS cable system so awesome yet.

I was also sent a MOS Spring Audio 3.5mm AUX cable. It is a “reinforced, durable and personalized cable with Exoskeleton™ braided jacket and magnetic organization system keep cords organized and fray-free.” Unlike the sync & charge Spring cables, these have a woven cloth tangle-free covering on the cord, but they still have the anodized aluminum heads “for added protection to the conductor” and the spring near the tip which “provides protection to the most vulnerable part of the cable due to bending.”

The MOS Spring Audio AUX cables are available in black, red and teal, and they are $11.95 for the 3′ version, $15.95 for the 6′ version, $19.95 for the 10′ version, and $23.95 for the 15′ version.

Whether your regular workstation is at a desk, a dining room table (raises hand), on a bean bag in the corner of a room, in an office setting, or at home, you probably have an assortment of cables that connect to your phone, your laptop, or other gadgets that you keep handy. Are you constantly groping into a snarly pile to find the right cable when it’s needed? Have you been longing for a better way to keep things organized? Then you need the original MOS.

The MOS is a cable organizer that you can either lay on your desk or stick to a smooth surface. It has a magnet embedded in it, so that when a cable isn’t attached to your phone, laptop, or other device, you can simply lay them tidily on the MOS. It is available in black poly carbonate, white poly carbonate, and anodized aluminum. Each set includes three magnetic cable ties to attach to non-MOS cords that might not have enough of a good metal connector at the top to stay put. A piece of double-sided sticky tape is also included so you can attach the MOS to a wall or other vertical surface; the magnet inside the MOS is strong enough to attach it to a file cabinet on its own.

Photo courtesy of MOS

Photo courtesy of MOS

The MOS measures about 3″ from point to point, and it has plenty of room for a cable collection. Here you can see three of mine, and there is still enough room left for more.

Gear Diary reviews the Magnetic Organization System MOS -009


The polycarbonate finished MOS in black or white retails for $23, and the anodized aluminum MOS retails for $39; you can get a pack of three additional magnetic cable ties for $5. If you want a more travel-sized MOS, you should check out the Menos.

The Magnetic Organizational System (MOS) is a great way to keep cables neatly at hand and not in a tangled snarl on the floor. Between the MOS and MOS Spring cables, I feel more organized and better equipped!

Source: The MOS and the Spring Cables were review samples sent by the manufacturer. You can purchase them directly from MOS, from Sewell or from AmazonMagnetic Organizational System (MOS) Review: Fab Cables That Stay in Place for a bit of a discount on some components.

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