Withings Adds Baby Monitoring Mode to Their Home HD Camera

Just in time for the holidays, Withings has updated their Home monitoring system to include a baby monitor mode. Previously the unobtrusive Home would “just” monitor your house (and its air quality) and allow two-way interaction with the people inside, snapping photos and recording video clips (like that wasn’t already awesome). Now, they’ve added Baby Monitor Mode.

Long story short, this means you can now take advantage of “continuous alerts and monitoring, interactive push-to-talk, and LED-connected Lulla Light and music programs.”

Withings Home

Starting on December 1st to celebrate its new Baby monitoring features, Withings is launching a special Home Baby Bundle exclusively on Amazon for $199.95 including the Home camera and two interchangeable covers (one pink and one blue), allowing users to customize their device to match their children’s room. Withings Home is also available on withings.com.

The Withings Home was already a fab idea for gift-giving to your favorite home owner (or yourself!), but this new functionality makes it the perfect gift for new parents.

The Baby Monitor Mode provides parents with an HD live stream directly to their phone, tablet and tvOS (Home App on Apple TV), so little ones can be watched over straight from a smartphone. The push-to-talk function enables parents to interact with children directly from their mobile devices, straight from the live screen. With the enhanced infrared night vision, the Home makes it possible to see in the dark, meaning that parents need not be disruptive when they want to check in on their baby.

There are also all-new dynamic LED-connected lullaby sound programs developed by infant specialists who have “carefully developed and curated the best lullabies to help babies fall asleep.” There’s also a  built-in nightlight that s programmed to use “light most conducive to sleep, which is synchronized with the soothing music.

On top of that, parents will also have real-time air quality feedback, as the Home is “equipped with environmental sensors to measure indoor air quality and alert users to unhealthy changes in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), unseen participles that could originate from cleaning products, baby diapers and wipes that can cause harmful health effects.

Withings Home works with Android, iOS, Apple Watch, and tvOS., and you can it directly from Withings, from Amazon [affiliate link], and at Best Buy stores for $199.95.

The exclusive Home Baby Bundle (which includes the interchangeable blue or pink covers) will be sold on Amazon for $199.95, beginning on December 1, 2015.

Keep an eye out for the Withings Black Friday sales, too — you’ll be able to get up to 60% OFF everything on their site!

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