Choetech Can Charge Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Quickly and Wirelessly

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Choetech Can Charge Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Quickly and Wirelessly Listen to this article

If you happen to own a Quick Charge capable Android phone like the LG G5 or the Samsung Galaxy S7s, you might be wondering which charger you should invest in. I was sent the Choetech T513-S 3-Coils Fast Wireless Charger and the CHOE 18W Fast charger Adaptive Wall Adapter (try saying that five times fast).

Now charging my Samsung S7 Edge is as easy as laying it down on a table.

Don’t try that at home, iPhone users! 😛

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These two items are sold separately,but when you combine them, you get one of the fastest available options for repowering your wireless charging capable mobile device.

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Packaging on both items is simple and largely recyclable, so that earns Choetech bonus points.

The $25.99 3-Coils Fast Wireless Charger measures approximately 4.5″ long by 2.75″ wide; it is composed of black soft-touch plastic (also available in white), and the only visible branding is the wireless symbol on the top. In other words, this isn’t an unattractive option if you plan on leaving the charger somewhere visible.

Because this charger has three coils, you don’t have to worry about where you pace your phone when charging — anywhere on the mat is going to power your phone.

You could use the wireless charger with your own wall charger, but let’s face it — most of them don’t provide a high enough wattage to power the wireless charger to its full potential. That’s where the 18W Fast Charger comes in.

8-Choetech 3_Coils Fst Wireless Charger and 18W Fast Charger Wall Adapter.03

The $12.98 CHOE 18W Fast Charger uses Qualcomm Fast Charge 2.0 technology, which is reported to charge your device 75% faster than a regular Qi charger. I can tell you that in my testing, that was just about right — it took me 12 minutes to bring my phone from 80% to 100%. That’s fast and convenient! Best of all, when your device is done charging, the charger goes into a power efficient idle cycle to keep your device safe.

If you have a wireless charging capable device, you should take advantage of that feature and cut the cord; these Choetech options make it easy!

The Choetech 3-Coils Fast Wireless Charger and the CHOE 18W Fast Charger Adaptive Wall Adapter are both available from Amazon [affiliate links]

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Easy setup; Fast charging; Can set the device anywhere on the charger and get a charge

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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