Prerecord Your Mother’s Day Greeting for the Ultimate in Laziness!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday! But don’t panic and start throwing elbows in the greeting cards aisle of your local CVS just yet; Zang has a solution that not only allows you to stay indoors, but you don’t even need to have actual human contact with Mom at all! 


Zang is pitching their “Forget Me Not” program as a useful service for people in the military, or who live overseas, or simply couldn’t get off from work on Sunday. Instead of actually picking up the phone and calling Mom on Mother’s Day (and who knew your phone actually made phone calls?), you can prerecord a message to Mom, and Zang will call her at the appointed time on Sunday with your voicemail. Now you can fulfill the most basic of offspring obligations, AND you won’t have to discuss your finances/lack of ambition/why you don’t have an acceptable girlfriend or boyfriend/that tattoo that almost gave her a heart attack when she saw it last time.

Let’s set aside for a moment that it’s ridiculous to use a service to schedule a pre-recorded message. If you do live overseas, or serve in the military, or have to work, what matters more to your mom? getting a call on a specific day, or getting a call when you can actually talk to her and tell her you’re still alive/you love her/you’re never getting that tattoo removed, and no you won’t take money from her to pay for the removal. My guess is that the vast majority of maternal figures out there would prefer a real call or video call over a prerecorded message, even if it meant talking to their child on Saturday or Monday instead of the calendar-dictated holiday.


Just send these instead!

If you desperately do need to record a message for that day, why not record a video message? Any basic smartphone, tablet, or computer can record a video of you (proof of life!), and then you can email it or share it on social media so the whole world knows you love your mom. And if your mom isn’t terribly tech savvy and won’t use email, what makes you think it’s a good idea to send a prerecorded call? The subset of moms who have a child or loved one who can’t call on Mother’s Day, aren’t tech savvy enough to handle video chat or email, AND who would be okay with a prerecorded greeting has to be smaller than the number of people making a true living driving for Uber … in other words, this is a solution in search of a problem, and that problem is going to be how angry Mom will be if you use this!

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