“Legend of Dungeon” Developer Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for “Upsilon Circuit”

I love quirky fun games with a great sense of humor, such as “Frayed Knights” or “Legend of Dungeon”. The developer of the latter game, Robot Loves Kitty, has launched a crowd-funding campaign for their next game Upsilon Circuit: Death is Forever and Viewers Rule!

Here is what the company says about this unique game:

“Upsilon Circuit is a Video Game Show that takes place in an online Action RPG that only eight people, in the whole world, can play. Oh, and once a player dies they can never play again. Ever.

Upsilon Circuit will be exclusively live streamed during “show times” in which the rest of the world interacts, in real time, right as they watch! The game has fully integrated Hunger Games style abilities: viewers can level up contestants, send in power ups, monsters, and items as they watch.

This isn’t just a game, it’s a one time experience.

In every show, the actions that the players and audience take will have permanent consequences. Your collective decisions will affect the world forever, as puzzles are solved and bosses are defeated only once. There is no reset, no restart, and definitely no respawn.

There are no walkthroughs, guides, or spoilers, because no one has ever gotten further in the game than where it is that moment!”

Here is the video for the campaign:

Head to IndieGogo and get in on the early tests of Upsilon Circuit!

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