Our Visit With Element Case- A CES 2014 Booth Tour

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Judie and I have long been fans of Element Case and their various offerings. After our visit with them during CES 2014, that is more true than ever. Their cases are gorgeous, their offerings are expanding, and their philosophy permeates every aspect of their brand. Here are some images and videos from our time at the booth.

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As we shared on Twitter throughout CES 2014, Judie and I both had our iPhone’s in Element Case cases throughout the show. She reviewed her Ronin here, and my review of the Sector 5 Black Ops Elite is forthcoming. Just for fun, we both went to the site and did some virtual shopping.

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My next Element Case will have to be the gorgeous Solace Chroma. It is sleek, refined and every bit an Element Case.

Element Case Sector Aluminum iPhone Case

Judie is sticking with the Ronin but, after seeing them in dark wood, can’t wait to see one of the other colors on her phone.

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We were interested to learn that Element Case emerged from a love for biking. It helps explain the bold styling, use of metal and other durable materials and the overall look and feel of carrying an Element Case-protected phone.

It explains their choice to use aluminum, carbon fiber and, as you can see in this video, G10.

And the addition of new stands, grips and mounts will make keeping your phone safe and secure while riding simple.

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Bold styling is just the beginning. Here are a few video looks at our time with Element Case.

And did we mention how gorgeous and functional their new iPad air and iPad mini cases are?

I’m looking forward to trying out one of their new Soft-Tec Pro Wallet cases on my iPad mini or iPad air!

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Yes, we probably spent more time at the Element Case booth than at any other and for good reason. Their options for protecting and beautifying your device have grown in recent years and, in the process, they have emerged as one of, if not the, top iPhone case manufacturers. (And that doesn’t even begin to take into account the cases they are now offering for tablets and a variety of different Samsung Galaxy phones!) Yup, it was time very well spent!

Check out all the various offerings here on the Element Case website.

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