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January 19, 2011 • Events

CES Snippets: Jadu iPad Stand


I did a full review of the Skadoosh iPad stand from Jadu Industries a short while ago. At $69.99 it is on the pricey side for an iPad stand but the build quality, ease of use and awesome industrial design make it one of the most desirable iPad stands I have seen. It is, in fact, the stand I personally use at home now.

While we were at CES I passed by the Jadu Industries booth and stopped to chat with the owners/reps for a bit. They are some great people who are committed to bringing thoughtful quality products to market. I asked if they had anything new coming down the pipeline and was told that, at least right now, they are focussing on the Skadoosh. (I can’t blame them since it is awesome!) The good news is this- at the booth I saw the Skadoosh in a number of different finishes. Among them was this limited edition version that, hopefully, they put aside for me to purchase once I get home tomorrow night. 🙂

In other words, the design of the Skadoosh is set but the company is bringing out more and more finishes. It you are looking for an awesome iPad stand that can fit your style and decor it is worth checking out what they have available.

You can check out the Skadoosh in all its colors and finishes at the Skadoosh Industries Web site.

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