Magnector Magnetic Charging Adapter Proves Little Things Matter

The little things can make all the difference. The Magnector Magnetic Charging Adapter for Micro USB Cable is one example of this. Designed to turn a microUSB cable into a charging system for the Sony Xperia line of devices, I have one and absolutely love it. You may balk at the price, but it is worth every penny.This adapter is key for me since, as I have pointed out in reviews of cases for the Sony Xperia Z2, the magnetic charging dock is one if its stand-out features. It is not only fast and convenient, but it also saves on the wear and tear opening and closing the charging door will cause. That’s key because it is those doors that help make the device waterproof.

Magnector Magnetic Charging Adapter for Micro USB Cable

I already have a few docks and dedicated USB-to-magnetic charger cables. Despite the fact that some of the magnets on them are relatively weak, they all get the job done. Why then would I spend $13.99 to [Affiliate Link] buy an adapter that turns a microUSB cable into a magnetic charging cable? Simple- the Magnector Magnetic Charging Adapter works with all of my Sony Xperia devices, offers a remarkably strong magnetic grip once in place and turns an ordinary cable into something that charges devices without having to open a flap.

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The adapter also means that I only need to carry one cable with me in order to keep my phone and devices that charge via a microUSB port charged. (And when I carry my microUSB-to-Lightning adapter, that single cable is able to charge pretty much everything.)

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I love the Magnector Magnetic Charging Adapter  and only worry that I’ll lose it and have to buy another. (Which I would if I did because… I love this simple accessory.) You can learn more here.

Source: Personal purchase of the Magnector Magnetic Charging Adapter for Micro USB Cable

What I Like: Small; Strong magnet; Works with all my Sony Xperia devices; Turns normal cable into a magnetic charging system

What Needs Improvement: Easy to lose; May seem overpriced (worth every penny for me though)

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  1. I actually meant this one, which has a bit more depth for case use:

    Still, being able to pack a retractable micro USB cable and one of these makes for much easier charging.

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