Latest Lockitron Smart Lock Is Affordable and Less Than $100


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The Lockitron Bolt Smart Lock is truly one of the most affordable smart home locks available on the market, and is compatible with so many other smart home products!

Latest Lockitron Smart Lock Is Affordable and Less Than $100

The Bolt Lock by Lockitron, is the first connected door lock to be priced at just under $100. The $99 smart lock pairs a slim, elegant design is the only smart lock to fully integrate with the popular Ring video doorbell, as well as work with IFTTT.

There are plenty of bulky smart gadgets out there, but the Bolt lock is the first to offer not only reliability, but it’s connection to IFTTT means it will not only work with Next, but with Phillips Hue, Google home, and even Amazon Echo. Imagine being able to unlock your front door for a guest by simply telling Alexa to “open the front door”.

Latest Lockitron Smart Lock Is Affordable and Less Than $100

A third-generation product, the Bolt is an electronic lock base with a mechanical core that relies on the latest generation of Bluetooth. Also, when paired with your smart device, you can unlock the door automatically when you return home from a hard day of work thanks to Sense, a Lockitron technology that utilizes your Bluetooth to detect your approach to the door lock.

Latest Lockitron Smart Lock Is Affordable and Less Than $100

If you have a cleaning company or family member that needs access to your home, just like other Lockitron products, you can let them in from ANYWHERE in the world, so you never have to give up a physical key. There’s an optional bridge component that allows you to remotely lock and unlock when you’re away from home as well, but of course sold separately.

Available now, to purchase a Lockitron Bolt, head over to their site today.

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