The Nox Smart Sleep System Holistically Monitors and Improves Your Sleep

The Nox Smart Sleep System combines the Nox, a smart sleep light; RestOn, a non-wearable sleep sensor; and the Sleepace mobile application to monitor, track, and improve your sleep. The Nox will provide soft sleep-inducing light and sound while you are falling asleep, the RestOn will monitor your sleep, and the Nox will wake you naturally with light and sound.

Nox Sleep SystemAvailable now for pre-order at $279.99, the Nox Sleep System is a new way to monitor not only your sleep but also your entire bedroom environment while you’re sleeping in order to let you know if your poor sleep can be attributed to environmental factors. Using the Nox Smart Light, the Sleepace app can monitor everything from temperature, in Fahrenheit or Celsius, humidity, light, measured in lux, and noise, measured in decibels.

Here’s a great intro video from Sleepace explaining the Nox Smart Sleep System:

Not only does the Nox Smart Light monitor environmental factors, it also can serve as a night-light or provide restful warm light while you’re trying to get to sleep and bright light in the morning to mimic a sunrise. Using the Nox Sleep-Aid mode, you can change the hue of the light from warm (red) to cold (white) using the Sleepace app. You can also adjust the brightness of the light or the music/noise that plays to help put you to sleep. You can also choose almost any color in the rainbow to display on the Nox to set the mood. There are a variety of sounds to choose from while using the Sleep-Aid, however, a “white noise” is not one of the available sounds. Unfortunately, some of the sounds are obvious loops as you can hear the track end and start up again with a momentary break in the sound, which can be distracting. This could be improved with a firmware update down the road, however.

The Nox Smart Light also functions as a clock by displaying the current time with white LEDs on the front. What’s nice about the time display is that the clock dims when you turn the lights out, so it isn’t distracting during the night. The Nox connects to the Internet via WiFi to ensure the time is correct and to connect to the Sleepace mobile app as well as to get firmware updates.

The RestOn non-wearable sleep monitor monitors your heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep cycle, time it takes you to fall asleep, as well as your actual sleep length. The RestOn monitor will also let you know how often you woke up or turned over during the night. The RestOn monitor, while tracking your sleep cycle, is able to wake you up in the morning when you’re at your lightest sleep, which leaves you more refreshed than being awoken during deep sleep.

The RestOn is a 2-foot long sensor that’s approximately 2mm thick that stretches across your bed, underneath your sheet, under the area where your chest would lay. It has a magnetic cover that attaches to the outside of your sheet on the side of your mattress in order to keep it in place. The magnetic cover also acts as a power button, so you can remove the magnetic cover or turn it 90-degrees and it will power off the RestOn. The sensor is flexible so you won’t feel it underneath you while sleeping, however you will notice it if you’re lying in bed awake watching TV. The rechargeable battery lasts about 30 days and is charged using a microUSB cable. I’ve just left mine plugged in at all times so I didn’t have to worry about battery life.

22-Nox Smart Sleep System Gear Diary-011

Within the Sleepace app, you can choose an alarm time with a ton of options. You can choose the number of days the alarm will repeat, you can choose your wake-up music, you can choose whether the wake-up light turns on, and you can choose whether you want the Nox to wake you up within 0-30 minutes of your alarm time at the appropriate time in your sleep cycle. I am a creature of habit, so I like waking up at the same time every day, so I asked the Nox to wake me up exactly at 6:25am. You can also choose whether you want the snooze button to provide a 5, 10, 15, or 20-minute snooze.

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The Sleepace app is fairly intuitive, although there are some bugs that can be worked out. It’s simple to use; when you go to sleep, you click the “Start Sleep” button and when you’re ready to wake up, you press the “Get Up” button. Once you press the Start-Sleep button, the Nox and RestOn will start monitoring your environment, biometrics, and your sleep patterns.

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When your alarm goes off, you can press the Get Up button in the app to get your sleep score and see how you did last night. Last night’s analysis will automatically come up and you can see your score, how long you slept, your average heart rate, your average breath rate, and the time it took you to fall asleep. You can scroll down for a whole bunch of additional data like a graph of your night’s sleep, heart rate, respiratory rate, the times you turned over, and the temperature, noise, humidity, and light throughout the night. Within the app, you can also check out your recent sleep trends, grouped within the last week or the last month.

I have a couple of things that bother me about the app, however. First, is that if you have an alarm set for the morning, and you wake up early and press the Get Up button, the alarm will still go off at your set alarm time. I’ve spoken to Sleepace about this and it appears that this is a programming bug and will be ironed out in future app updates. But my biggest complaint is that it appears that the system can’t always tell the difference between when you wake up in the morning and actually start getting up. For instance, my wife is a teacher and she gets up at 5:35 every morning. I know that I always wake up at 5:30, and lay in bed until my alarm time of 6:25. The Sleepace app typically shows me waking up between 6:00 and 6:15 every morning, so something isn’t working 100%. This too may be able to be solved with firmware updates in the future. It’s not a deal-breaker, but I’d rather know exactly when I wake up. The Nox Smart Sleep System is compatible with iPhone 5 and above with iOS 7 or later and Android devices with Android 4.3 or later.

Check out the gallery of app screenshots, below:

The Nox Smart Sleep System is truly a holistic approach to monitoring, tracking, and providing insight into your sleep. I’m a big fan of the design of the Nox light. Even forgetting about the sleep tracking aspect of it, it’s an attractive bedside light and it’s nice to have a night-light, sound machine, and alarm clock in one. I’ve enjoyed my time with the Nox Smart Sleep System, even though it still has some bugs to work out. Right now it’s very early in the life of the Nox Smart Sleep System, and it will only get better from here.

You can pre-order the Nox Smart Sleep System on the Sleepace website.

Source: The Nox Smart Sleep System was provided by the manufacturer as a review sample.

What I Like: Great, attractive design; Nox monitors a ton of environmental factors; Totally adjustable lighting; Alarm clock, sound machine, nightlight combined into one; Accurate monitoring and sleep tracking

What Needs Improvement: Nox Sleep-Aid sounds should be higher-quality without distracting looping sound; RestOn monitor could be thinner as you definitely notice it while you’re awake; Get Up button does not cancel the day’s alarm; The system does not appear to be accurate with the exact wake-up time

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