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Whether you are an experienced, well-seasoned traveler or a person who travels just a few times a year, keeping your critical information handy and organized is essential.  In my career, I’ve logged well over 2 million miles in the air, and if there is one thing I’ve learned, having all of your boarding passes, passport and frequent travel cards in one location makes travel less stressful.

I recently picked up the beautifully designed Noreve travel wallet.  It is everything you need in a travel wallet but brings with it the style and finish that you have come to expect from the French couture brand.  The wallet, like all of their cases for phones and other electronics, is handcrafted out of beautiful leathers that are available in a wide range of styles and colors.  I have had the privilege of reviewing many cases from Noreve and they never disappoint.  Their attention to detail and the overall look & feel of their cases are, in my opinion, second to none.  If you are looking for a travel wallet, the Noreve Travel Wallet gets the job done and looks fantastic doing it.  Here’s my review.

Overall Design

As travel wallets go, the Noreve travel wallet is aimed to keep your life through the airport tidy and easy to access.  It measures 4.6 x 8.5 inches and is constructed of soft, pebble-grain calf leather.

Noreve Travel Wallet

Noreve Travel Wallet Unboxed

The leather style that you choose is up to you.  For this review, I have the Perpetuelle finish which is a smooth leather.  My wallet is also in black, but there are 12 different color options available to you.  Keep in mind that the type of leather you select and the color impact price and time to build for you.

The front of the wallet is held closed by a leather strap which slips through a leather loop sewn into the front.  It keeps the wallet closed and its contents safe while you are walking through the airport.  Both the front and the back of the case are padded under the leather shell that gives just enough grip to carry the wallet comfortably with your hand.

Opening up the case, on the front flap is where you will find the two long pockets designed to hold your airline boarding passes.  There are two of these sleeve style pockets which will allow you to keep your most current pass in front while passes for your connecting flights can be kept in the second pocket.

On the interior of the back flap, you will find six card slots for holding either credit cards or your frequent travel cards.  There is also an ID card pocket, of which the front is made of clear plastic.  Behind this row of card slots, you will find a pocket for your passport and a second pocket for miscellaneous documents or currency.

How you use this wallet really depends on your needs.  It can quite easily serve as an everyday wallet if you want it to fill that roll for you as there is plenty of room for credit cards and currency.  For me, this wallet is my travel wallet.  All of my frequent flyer cards, boarding passes, and passport are kept in it when I’m traveling.  But, functionally, it can serve you either way.

Construction & Leather Quality

The hallmark of Noreve products is the construction and quality of it.  This travel wallet does not disappoint and is worthy of being considered a luxury product.

Stitching Details

Stitching Details

Essentially, the wallet is constructed of two leather pieces which are sewn together with the pockets and sleeves in the interior sewn into leather.  In the interior, on the back, you will see the Noreve logo repeatedly stamped into the leather, giving a nice contrasting look to the mono color interior.

You will find as you look over the case that the stitching on every piece is tight, smooth and even.  You don’t find weaving of the stitching or gaps throughout, a testament of the attention to detail that the Noreve craftsmen have put into the piece.  Topping all of this off is the exceptional quality of leathers used by the company on their products.  Depending on the texture you choose, the tactile feel will be different but in every case, the suppleness of the leathers and the aroma of them as soon as you open the box is unmistakable.  The fact is, many cases, when you open the box, have a glue or synthetic smell to them.  That is not the case with Noreve.  This is a leather travel wallet and you will know that because of both your sense of feel and smell.

Organizational Elements

The beauty of this wallet is not just skin deep.  It is a true travel wallet with a strong focus on organizing your travel life.

Multiple Organizational Pockets & Sleeves

Multiple Organizational Pockets & Sleeves

The six card slots for your frequent travel cards, your ID slot, and the long pockets in the interior front flap make getting to your documents and cards quick and easy.  I have found it very easy to store and access my boarding passes from these front pockets as I go to the gate to board my flight without a lot of fuss.  When you travel as much as I do, that’s a big deal and frankly, it’s a big deal for everyone behind me.  The organization this wallet provides allows me to not be “that guy” in the priority boarding line.

Add to this the depth of the pockets built into the back flap.  These pockets will assure that your passport or visa papers are safely tucked away and will not slip out when you open up the wallet.

Conclusion & Recommendation

The Noreve Travel Wallet is an essential but stylish accessory that anyone who travels would benefit from having on their trips.  Designed out of high-quality leathers and handcrafted, this wallet will help you stay organized while you are on the road but also gives you quick & easy access to your travel documents.  Available in a wide range of styles and leather colors, the French couture company will have the look you want for your wallet that can match their exceptional cases for your smartphone too.

The Noreve Travel Wallet starts at $68.74, and it is available from the Noreve site [affiliate link]; shipping is free globally.

Source: Purchased directly from Noreve

What I Like:  Quality of leather & construction; Built-in organizational pockets and sleeves; Size

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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