Incase’s MacBook Pro Hardshell Case May Be the Only One You Need

If you have a new 2016 MacBook Pro with (or without) Touch Bar and are looking for a protective case to protect that new investment of yours, look no further than Incase’s Dots MacBook Pro Hardshell Case.

Incase's MacBook Pro Hardshell Case May Be the Only One You Need

Available for both the 13-inch and 15-inch models, the Dots Hardshell case for the MacBook Pro just looks and feels absolutely amazing. Prior to using this case, I was just using the ColorWare skin I previously reviewed for the MacBook Pro. However, without Apple Care, I wanted something a bit more protective that will not only allow me to carry the Macbook in my hands but something that will also protect it when it’s sitting on a flat surface.

Incase's MacBook Pro Hardshell Case May Be the Only One You Need

When Apple created the MacBook Pro, one of my pet peeves of it was the bottom of the laptop itself sat a bit too close to my desk which in turn made it feel as though it were getting too hot. The cooling system on the MacBook Pro are also run from the sides of the laptop which means that if I had something sitting beside it like a notepad, the air wasn’t venting properly so I wanted a case that elevated the MacBook a bit more, and the Incase Hardshell does that. The case itself has rubberized feet that elevate it from your desk or surface a bit more than the MacBook Pro itself would be able to which is ideal especially if you plan on typing for long periods. Available in five different colors, I settled on the Black Frost which once put on looks absolutely brilliant. Since Apple also did away with the illuminated Apple Logo, the Black Frost colorway gives my Space Grey MacBook a stealthy look that in a coffee shop will set your MacBook Pro apart from anyone else’s.

Incase made sure to include enough cutout space for the four including USB-C ports that the 15-inch models comes in which is great because as someone who uses a USB-C hub almost daily for transferring data, compared to other cases that attempted to go around the USB-C ports, the fact Incase didn’t means the hubs that attach themselves directly to the MacBook Pro like the Hyper and Satechi USB-C hubs can actually sit comfortably without disconnecting if you move the computer around.

Incase's MacBook Pro Hardshell Case May Be the Only One You Need

Overall this may be the only MacBook Pro case I’ll need for my laptop, and at $49.95, it’s certainly worth the price. It’s unobtrusive, looks remarkable, and is lightweight enough the only thing that it takes away from your MacBook Pro are the sharp edges that the laptop has without a case, which personally, I’m fine with.

For more information on the Dots Hardshell Case for the MacBook Pro, head over to Incase today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Takes away sharp edges from the naked MacBook, and rubberized feet means my laptop runs cooler

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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