Need to Paint It Black? Try BlackPods to Re-Finish your Apple AirPods

I’m a huge fan of my Apple Airpods. They’re small, light, and sound great for everyday use. But I wanted to differentiate myself from every other guy on the streets of New York City. Enter BlackPods, a New Jersey-based customization service that beautifully re-finishes those stark white AirPods Black.

BlackPods offers a few different purchasing options. You can purchase high gloss black AirPods directly from BlackPods for $279. You can purchase stealth matte black AirPods directly from BlackPods for $299. Or, you can mail in your own previously purchased Airpods and BlackPods will re-finish them for you starting at $99 for the high gloss black and $119 for the stealth matte black.

“Before” pictures:

Using a three-phase finishing process, BlackPods utilizes a solvent-based paining technology to yield gorgeous results. Your AirPods are hand-finished by a team of Artisans inside BlackPods’ warehouse in Brooklyn, NY and put through demanding visual and quality inspections to ensure a beautiful result. BlackPods estimates an approximate 10-day timeframe to re-finish your AirPods, excluding shipping time.

I chose the “mail in your own” option, as I had already purchased some AirPods and was simply looking for them to be customized. I also chose the Stealth Matte Black color option, as it looks plain badass. Once my order was submitted, it was simple as mailing in my AirPods to the address specified and waiting for them to come back. It took about 10 days, as BlackPods had suggested it would take, but my AirPods arrived home completely transformed. No longer are they stark white like so many Apple headphones, matching everyone on the street.

“After” pictures:


BlackPods did an amazing job turning my Airpods into Stealth Black AirPods. Even the exterior of my AirPods case was transformed to a stealth black color. The re-finishing is so well-done that it looks as if the AirPods were originally purchased that color. The only thing that gives it away is that BlackPods leaves a little gap showing white where the light sensor is located on each AirPod. I assume this is to ensure that there is no loss in functionality.

I have only minor complaints about BlackPods re-finishing service.  The finish is a little uneven at the very top of the left AirPod, but it’s difficult to notice unless you’re looking for faults. Also, you need to be aware that if you drop your BlackPods, the finish coat may scratch to reveal the white below.

Overall, I’m a big fan of BlackPods. They’re a local company (for me) and they do their work quickly, with high-quality results. I love the outcome and BlackPods is a great option to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Check them out at Blackpods.Store.

Source:  The re-finishing service was a manufacturer provided review sample.

What I Like:  Gorgeous finished product; Speedy service; Easy communication

What Needs Improvement:  Not much

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