BenQ e-Reading Lamp Floor Stand Extension Turns a BenQ Desk Lamp Into Something Even Better

I recently reviewed the BenQ E-Reading Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp. It’s fantastic and offers a wide lighting range, an assortment of adjustments, and it looks good! I did not, however, love having it sit on my desk. This is no longer an issue thanks to the BenQ e-Reading Lamp Floor Stand Extension. It brings light wherever it is most needed.

The BenQ e-Reading Lamp Floor Stand Extension turns the BenQ e-Reading Lamp into to a floor-standing lamp; the increased vertical height gives you more flexibility when reading on a sofa or in bed.

This Floor Stand Extension is only compatible for BenQ e-Reading desk lamp, please make sure you have a BenQ e-Reading desk lamp. After the installation you can rotate the LED by 360°. Take the optimal BenQ e-Reading lighting to the height and angle that you need Easy setup and disassembly Metal materials provide high durability and sustainability

To get a better understanding of this accessory we need to first revisit the desk lamp itself.

Going from top to bottom, the lamp has: The LED lighting head, a ball joint connecting the lighting head to the extension arm, a second joint connecting the extension arm to the vertical arm and a third joint that ends in a female connector.

This last piece, the female connector, slides over a small spike that rises from the center of the weighted base. Once the arm and lighting head assembly is placed on the base, it can be swung a full 360 degrees.

The Floor Stand Extension makes use of all of this but replaces the small, circular base that ships with the BenQ E-Reading Eye-Care LED Modern Premium Designer Desk Lamp. The BenQ e-Reading Lamp Floor Stand Extension is simply a base with a long vertical 30” rod.

The base ships in a few pieces that are simple to put together.

There is the circular base, five rubber feet and a 30” extension rod. To assemble you simply place the five rubber feet into the pre-drilled holes on the bottom of the base place.

After doing this, you flip the base over and screw the extension rod into place.

Once this is done, you can place the female connector coming from the desk lamp…

…on top of the male connector in the extension arm.

The weight of the desk lamp is enough to keep it in place.

And because it doesn’t get “locked” into place, the desk lamp can spin a full 360 degrees around.

The one final “piece” of the desk lamp floor extension is the cable management clip. This allows you to run the power cord coming from the desk lamp to the bottom of the floor extension without it getting in the way.

The floor extension is 29.9” high. The base has a diameter of 11.8” and the accessory weighs in at just under 8.4 pounds. The weight of the base is enough that you get a stable floor lamp that can be used at a desk, a bed, or a living room chair. At $70 this accessory may seem a bit expensive, but the fact that it turns the best desk lamp I have ever used into the best floor lamp I’ve seen makes it well worth the added cost. If you are looking to purchase one of the BenQ desk lamps I seriously encourage you to consider getting this accessory as well. You will love the added flexibility it provides. Check it out here.

Source: Company Supplied Review Sample of the BenQ e-Reading Lamp Floor Stand Extension

What I Like: Simple to set up; Stable; Adds flexibility to a lamp that is already impressive

What Needs Improvement: When moving the floor lamp make sure to hold on to the vertical piece coming from the base. The Desk lamp itself is not locked in and will come off if that is the piece you grab

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