Quip Makes Toothbrushing As Simple As Checking Your Mail

When we received the pitch to review Quip, I immediately volunteered while thinking, “These guys are way too excited about toothbrushes!” Now that I’ve spent some time with Quip, I still stand by that — they’re way too excited about toothbrushes — but the bright spot here is that their excitement has created a truly excellent product and ecosystem!

Quip Makes Toothbrushing As Simple As Checking Your Mail

So here’s how Quip works. It’s an electric toothbrush (powered by one AAA battery), toothpaste, and a mail-order system. Every 3 months, Quip sends you a new toothpaste and a toothbrush head. They also remind you every 6 months to go for your regular dental cleaning. Effectively, if you buy into the Quip system, they’ll automate all the hard parts about keeping your teeth clean (swapping toothbrush heads, remembering it’s been 6 months since your last dentist visit, and even including a handy cover that makes the Quip toothbrush travel-friendly).

Quip Makes Toothbrushing As Simple As Checking Your Mail

We are inundated these days with subscriptions for everything from clothing to granola bars, but Quip handles the subscription concept well. First of all, the upfront cost is significantly lower than a Sonicare or similar electric brush; Quip alone costs $45, with $5 every 3 months for new brush heads and a new AAA battery (if you prepay, it’s $55 for the year), and if you want your toothpaste sent along as well, it is $40 up front and $10 every three months (or $65 for the year). There are also deals for couples (toothpaste+Quip for $75 up front/$20 every three months) and families (set of 4 Quips+toothpaste $150 up front/$40 every 3 months).

For reference, Sonicare toothbrushes range in price from $24.99 to $69.99 (and up), but a 3-pack of Sonicare heads is $29.99. So even if you save by buying a cheaper Sonicare, you’re going to end up paying more over time once you factor in the cost of the heads. While it’s easy to flinch at yet another subscription, Quip is actually very reasonably priced, and in comparison to the competition, something of a bargain!

All that is great, but the real key is whether Quip is a good toothbrush. Coincidentally, the timing of the Quip’s arrival at my house was right after I was visiting my mother. I used the Quip for a few weeks and then was down visiting her again. She had no idea that I had switched toothpaste and toothbrushes, and the first thing she said was “Oh, good, you got your teeth whitened! They were so dingy before.” I did not get my teeth whitened, but apparently, Quip made my teeth look less like I drink several cups of coffee per day, so yes, Quip works well. If it pleased my mother, it has to be very good!

Quip Makes Toothbrushing As Simple As Checking Your Mail

Even the packaging for Quip is excellent. It came with a booklet that reviewed how to brush, how much toothpaste to use, why flossing is key, as well as tips on how to best keep the Quip sanitary. That last part I really appreciated, because my old toothbrush was some version of a Sonicare, and I hated how gross it would get as well as how quickly that would happen. The bottom would get slimy and stained, and the charging cradles would discolor quickly. Inside where the brush heads clipped in would also quickly get gunky. Even regular weekly cleanings of the Sonicare weren’t enough to keep it from constantly looking like a 9th-grade science experiment.

So as I said at the start, yes, the Quip folks seemed very enthused about toothbrushes. But having experienced Quip for myself, I now fully understand why!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Excellent toothbrush; runs on standard AAA batteries; subscription service is extremely affordable; maintenance is easy; toothbrush is attractive and easily portable

What Needs Improvement: Would love to see a kid-focused version

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