Moona Improves Your Sleep by Adjusting Your Pillow’s Temperature

Kickstarter is a fantastic service that brings together inventive and creative ideas with an audience who chooses whether to invest in the concept. It’s a concept that helps bring to life some ideas that never would see the light of day if it weren’t for the financial investments by the online audience.

Yet again, Kickstarter has funded a project that may take you by surprise.

Moona Improves Your Sleep by Adjusting Your Pillow's Temperature

Did you know 27% of people have trouble sleeping? With a varying amount of reasons as to why people have trouble sleeping, finding a way to make sleeping better is a struggle.

However, a team of French citizens thinks they found the answer — it lies in a temperature-regulated pillow.

It Does What?

That’s right. The pillow is self-regulated when it comes to temperature.

You can probably think of a time when you woke up in the middle of the night and were covered in sweat. It’s not a pleasant feeling. But, with the new pillow known as Moona (also the name of the company), that may soon be a thing of the past.

With an exciting piece of technology giving the pillow energy, this product could be a break out hit in the future.

The pillow can heat up or cool down. The “cool side of the pillow” is a real place, and it’s one sleepers want to find every night.

How Does It Work?

The way the pillow works is fascinating. First off, you place a memory foam pad into your pillowcase.

This memory foam pad hooks to a small device that sits on either your bedside table or the floor. Both the memory foam and the device connect through a tube.

The small hub of water is how the pillow heats and cools down. And this is how the water pumps from the hub to the pillow.

Not only does the small hub increase and decrease the temperature of the pillow, but it possesses smart functionality as well. Yes, it’s a smart pillow!

The hub performs a wide range of functions. It tracks everything from humidity in the room to the amount of ambient light that is shining in the room. All this information is available to view through a mobile app.

But, the coolest part is still to come!

With the pillow being so smart, it adapts to your behavior. Before you use the pillow for the first time, you’ll answer a series of questions about your sleeping habits.

After you do this, your sleep habits are tracked. As you use the device more and more, the Moona pillow begins to tweak the temperatures during the night. You no longer need to control it manually.

You still have the option to do so, but the automatic adaption to your sleeping habits is genuinely something that is glorious.

The more you sleep with the pillow, the more data it gathers. And the more information it collects, the easier it is for the pillow to narrow down    the optimal temperature levels for you. It’s a beautiful item that has the potential to transform lives and make sleeping better.

How Much Does It Cost?

June 2018 is the planned date for the Moona pillow to be released.

With that in mind, the retail price as of this writing is $399. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but if you have trouble sleeping, it’s worth checking out.

Get the Slumber You Need

The numbers speak for themselves. Millions of people cannot sleep throughout the night. They wake up with stiff necks and in a grouchy mood.

Sleep is vastly important, and you need to take care of yourself. The Moona pillow can lead to a better night’s sleep — and a better night’s sleep means a healthier you!

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