GMC Trucks First Drive: Low-Key Luxury in the Sand


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GMC Trucks First Drive: Low-Key Luxury in the Sand Listen to this article

While we were at the park, we got to make use of the 4-wheelers Jeff and I had towed. We followed a guide who took us all over the sand dunes, sometimes at crazy angles as we looped across their tops.

GMC Trucks First Drive: Low-Key Luxury in the Sand

GMC had Jake Vedder on hand for fun on the sand dunes too. Jake was the 2016 Youth Olympics gold medalist for boarder-cross. Jake’s been skiing since he was 2 years old; he’s the youngest competitor on the US National Team by 6 years, and he is currently qualifying for the upcoming Winter Olympics. So what does Jake do when he’s not on a snowboard? Well on this particular day, he was showing a bunch of auto-writers how to sandboard.

GMC Trucks First Drive: Low-Key Luxury in the Sand

Sandboarding lessons from Jake Vedder.

I’ve never skied or snowboarded, so needless to say I wasn’t very good. It was a great experience, though! I was still finding sand in my clothes hours later, though. The bonus here is that when I watch the Winter Olympics, I’ll (hopefully) have someone I’ve actually met to watch; I can’t wait!

Our last activity at Coral Pink Sand Dunes Park was to drive off-road through the sand trails. This seemed like a crazy idea because it looked like a perfect spot to get stuck! A GMC rep rode with Jeff and me, and he told us the best way to get the truck ready for cruising through the soft, deep sand — 4WD high on, and traction control off. I’m guessing that they had let some of the air out of the tires before we got in — because that just seems prudent.

Jeff and I were instructed to go as fast as we felt comfortable because we were less likely to sink if we did. Fair enough! So we went fast.

GMC Trucks First Drive: Low-Key Luxury in the Sand

Some of the ruts in the sand were over a foot deep — Jeff and I took turns going up and down the sand strip, and I was impressed by how well the truck handled. We didn’t get stuck once!

GMC Trucks First Drive: Low-Key Luxury in the Sand

The rest of our day was spent driving a dark slate metallic 2018 Sierra Denali 1500 4WD Crew Cab through Zion National Park. This was my first time to Zion, and I want to go back! Everything about the park was gorgeous and grand; the 1.1 mile long Mount Carmel Tunnel through the mountain with the regularly spaced rock “windows” showing the mountain on the other side of the canyon was breathtaking. But I digress.

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