NetGear’s Arlo Baby Camera Will Be Compatible with Apple HomeKit

Netgear is the worldwide leader in home networking and smart home security products, so it’s no surprise they brought the heat at CES 2018 by announcing multiple products at the biggest stage in Vegas.

NetGear's Arlo Baby Camera Will Be Compatible with Apple HomeKit

If you have or are beginning a family, and looking for a great baby monitor, the Netgear Arlo Baby Camera is the brand you need to check out. I’ve personally LOVED the Netgear Arlo and Arlo Pro cameras, so the fact that Netgear has announced that the Arlo Baby Smart HD Monitoring Camera is not only available but is now compatible with Apple’s HomeKit seems like great news.

This was one of the biggest wishes for users of Netgear, most importantly Apple iPhone customers. So today Netgear has officially stated that they’ve enabled the use of Apple’s HomeKit framework so you can effortlessly monitor your child through the Arlo app, or even from within Apple’s very own Home app.

Arlo Baby functions capable of being accessed through the Apple Home app include:

• Live video stream viewing of your baby via the Arlo Baby camera feed

• Two-way audio for talking, cooing and listening to your baby and other people near the camera

• Quick view of the most recent screenshot recorded by Arlo Baby when the camera was last activated

• Ask Siri voice assistant to show you your camera’s live stream

• Remotely access the camera’s live video/audio feed and two-way communication when you have an iPad or Apple TV (4th generation) connected to HomeKit.

“Arlo is 100% focused on delivering products and solutions that provide our customers with the best user experience,” said Pat Collins, senior vice president of Arlo products at NETGEAR. “By making Arlo Baby compatible with Homekit we have now made the all-important experience of monitoring your child even better. Whether it’s the convenience of using Siri to quickly view your baby live, or the ability to quickly check in directly from Apple TV, Arlo Baby customers now have the ultimate in convenience and flexibility. We’re thrilled to be a partner with Apple and looking forward to growing our ecosystem of HomeKit-enabled products.”

NetGear's Arlo Baby Camera Will Be Compatible with Apple HomeKit

For more information on Arlo’s Baby Monitoring Camera, you can head over to today.

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