Gear Diary’s Best of 2018 Toy Fair

NextWave Jumbo Beach Basket (AMLOID)

What a fun item to take to the beach! The NextWave Jumbo Beach Basket not only holds 15 “tools”, but it also doubles as a sand mold for castles. The basket also has holes on all sides so that, when the beach day is over all the tools can get put back inside, and you can simply run water through it to wash away the sand. It’s a brilliant modern take on an old beach classic; it will be available in Spring 2018 at Sams Club for $14.99.

smART sketcher Projector

smART sketcher Projector

Unlock the artist within! With the smART sketcher Projector, you project images on paper and then you can trace any of the numerous preloaded images. When you are done, you can animate the image with backgrounds and color those in too. The projector will never get old since you can also upload your own pictures to trace. The smART sketcher Projector retails for $59.99, and it is available now.

StikBot Studio

StickBot Zanimation Studio

StickBot Studio uses an ever-growing collection of figures, backdrops, apps, and accessories to make stop-motion video easy and fun. The StickBot line has been around for a few years, but this year the kits now include dinosaurs and other figures. Their video channel with their stop-motion films is fun to check out, but even better are the #stickbot videos on YouTube. Kids and adults love the easy way that this system makes stop-motion accessible to all. StickBot Studio Zanimation sells for $19.99, and it is available now.

HEXBUG + 3Doodler Start

HEXBUG + 3Doodler Start

The 3Doodler Start is a 3D smartpen that’s made for kids as young as 6. The pen never gets above 110 degrees, and the “construction” material is safe… even to kids and animals who might munch on it. The kit includes everything you need to draw in 3D — and because of their partnership with HEXBUG, it even includes three Hexbugs that you can build into characters so you can make your own motorized creations. This is a STEM toy that’s so fun, your kids won’t realize they’re actually learning as they go! The kit will be available in May 2018 for $59.99.

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