Samsung’s ambient mode blends your TV in with your living room

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Television technology seems to come in spurts. There are years where it is hard to justify upgrading, and then there are times when your jaw drops and your wallet shudders in fear. It looks like 2018 is going to be the latter thanks to Samsung’s latest QLED TVs.

Samsung's ambient mode blends your TV in with your living room

Some of the features of the new TVs are cool but somewhat expected. For example, the new Samsung TVs will feature Bixby, Samsung’s digital voice assistant, allowing you to do things like control your smart home appliances from your TV.

Samsung's ambient mode blends your TV in with your living room

But the really crazy new trick is “Ambient mode” on the QLED TVs. This essentially transforms your TV into a chameleon, in which case a wall-mounted QLED TV from Samsung is able mimic your walls and blend right in… so if the TV is mounted on a brick wall, the TV will reproduce an image of that brick wall, allowing the TV to very effectively blend in with its environment.

The QLED TVs also have a mode that acts like a news feed/screensaver by offering up traffic, weather and headlines.

On a related note, we better hope Bixby isn’t involved in any future artificial assistant uprisings because if so, we probably shouldn’t have taught it how to camouflage itself.

All joking aside, Samsung has released a very compelling lineup to take your home entertainment experience to the next level. The entire lineup should be out this month, so you can put that tax refund to good use.


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