Orico Portable Battery: Super Fast Charging for All of Your Mobile Gear

Here’s what happens when I plug the Huawei P20 into the Orico charger’s FastCharge Type-A port; notice how the Voltage jumped from 5.10V to 9.10V and that the red LED on the Orico indicates that the battery is now using FastCharge; the P20’s battery went from 70% to 100% in 30 minutes.

You can also watch the battery in action here.

Orico is built with the latest Qualcomm Quick Charging (QC 3.0) technology allowing it to charge your Android device 4X faster than a conventional charger. It charges your Android phone’s battery up to 80% in 30 minutes. QC 3.0 employs an intelligent algorithm to allow your portable device to determine what power level to request at any time to enable optimum power transfer.

The Orico portable battery is capable of all of the fast charge protocols showsn in the picture below; the “seven protocols can deliver fast charging for QC 2.0 3.0 / BC 1.2 / Apple devices/ Samsung AFC/ MTK PE 2.0 1.1.”

The Orico is an extremely well priced 20,000mAh portable battery to begin with, but adding in its ability to fast charge so efficiently, I consider it a must-buy.

The 20,000mAh Orico Portable Battery retails for $35, and it is available from their Indiegogo page; they are shipping this month. You can add the fast charge Lightning cable for an additional $5.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Inexpensive 20,000mAh battery; Very solidly built; 7 protocols to deliver fast charging; Can be charged via USB-C or microUSB

What Needs Improvement: Nothing — it works as advertised

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