MAXXEON CYCLOPS WorkStar 800 Rechargeable LED Inspection Light Review

How would you like a rechargeable, durable, multi-purpose, high-performance LED light that can be held in hand, attached to ferrous metal surfaces with its built-in magnet, and aimed in one of 12 indented positions to put the beam right where you need it? If that sounds good, then you’ll want the MAXXEON CYCLOPS WorkStar 800 Rechargeable LED Inspection Light.

Weighing just 6.6 ounces, the MAXXEON CYCLOPS WorkStar 800 has IEC IK07 standard impact resistance; it’s IP64 water and dust resistant, and it has a run-time of 2-5 hours depending on which brightness setting you’re using. It’s got a similar style and brightness to a nationally recognized mechanic’s brand magnetic work light, but it’s less than half the price.

Included in the box are the light and a short microUSB charging cable.

The CYCLOPS WorkStar 800 features 9 LEDs in a square pattern, a custom wide-angle lens, and up to 420 lumens when on its brightest setting. Measuring just 4.3″ long by 2.9″ wide by 1.1″ thick, the light can easily be held in hand or hung from a hook; a magnet built into its swiveling, black ABS body allows it to be snapped to metal surfaces in your workshop, house, campsite, or vehicle.

A rubber covred power button on the top of the light turns the CYCLOPS WorkStar 800 on or off, but also allows you to cycle through two brightness settings.

A rubber flap covers the microUSB charging port on the back.

When charging, an LED will glow under the covered port; red while charging and green when charged.

The black ABS base allows you to swivel the light 360º, there are 12 locking stations built-in, so you’ll be able to aim the light perfectly for your needs. The light is tough; I dropped it multiple times on concrete from 4-5 feet, and it still worked just fine.

There are two brightness settings; low is 160 lumens, and high is 420 lumens. The MAXXEON CYCLOPS WorkStar 800 is the perfect size to keep in your carry-on for unexpected travel needs, but it is also infinitely handy as part of your camping gear or kept in your toolbox for the workshop or job-site use. Both levels of brightness are strong enough to light the area in front of you (and make you see spots if you accidentally look at the LEDs).

The MAXXEON CYCLOPS WorkStar 800 is the perfect gift for your favorite handyman, but it’s also good for students going back to school. Being rechargeable means you never have to worry about replacing batteries, and its 2-5 hour battery life means you’ll be able to get what you need to do done with plenty of light.

The MAXXEON CYCLOPS WorkStar 800 Rechargeable LED Inspection Light retails for $31.14, and it is available directly from the manufacturer and from Amazon [affiliate link] and other retailers.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Magnetic base; 12 directional settings on its 360º rotation; Two brightness levels; 2-5 hour run-time; Handy enough to travel with or keep in your workshop; Rechargeable; Reasonably priced: Handles drops well

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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