The Aermoo B3 Wireless Headphones Review

If you are looking for an affordable pair of wireless Bluetooth Headphones that are not just great for wearing in the office to tune out your co-workers, but great for everyday wear including the gym, you should check out the Aermoo B3 Wireless Headphones.

The Aermoo B3 Wireless Headphones Review

Available for $59.99, the Aermoo B3 headphones I received are available on Amazon in black. I was actually pretty amused at the yellowish/orange boxing, as it was something completely different from what I’ve seen other companies use for their headphones. Inside the box, you’ll find the Aermoo headphones,  a micro-USB cable, a few extra eartips, and “wings” for the headphones which help them stay in your ear when you’re being active in the gym.

Aermoo did a bit of forward thinking by including a waterproofing for up to IPX7, which is the equivalent of a swim for up to thirty minutes. I, unfortunately, did not have a chance to test it swimming since the summer is over, however, I do wear these daily while in the gym, and I have to say they are SUPER comfortable compared to others that I have tried. Combined with the wings, it gives you a secure fit that helps when lifting weights. I thought I would have a few connectivity issues with the B3 headphones because at this price, there must be trade-offs, right? And typically the trade-off ends up being Bluetooth connectivity. But let me just say, coming from my first pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones in the Bragi Dash, the B3 actually blow those out of the water thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 and the internal LDS antenna. I’ve walked around my home with my phone sitting in the living room, going roughly 25-30 feet away from the device before the B3 by Aermoo disconnecting.

The Aermoo B3 Wireless Headphones Review

One of my FAVORITE features from the B3 that I wish more headphones would include is auto pairing and charging. Most Bluetooth headphones require you to physically power them on before they are able to be used, where these do not. Call me a bit spoiled by Airpods, but it’s awesome to have your headphones instantly connect when you open the charging case and place them in your ears. At $59.99, that’s a simple feature that even headphones with a higher cost fail to have or even consider

If there was anything that I could improve about the Aermoo B3 would have to be the actual charging case itself. In use, you will get two additional charges of the B3 headphones before needing to charge them and the case. However I feel like the case has a flimsy clasp, and when I’ve tossed the case in my bag, it has opened and connected to my device randomly. Outside of that though, the audio quality is pretty good for this price; listening to podcasts and music seems great, not muddy in audio at all. Available for iPhones and Android devices there are no third-party apps to download; it’s just connect and go which I do enjoy as well. You’ll get about 3.5 hours of battery before needing to charge them.

If you are interested in checking out the Aermoo B3 wireless headphones, you can find them on Amazon [affiliate link]. 

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Headphones are super durable and fit in the ear comfortably; Battery life is on par with the competition

What Needs Improvement: Case design is a bit flimsy

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