Soundcast VG5 All-Weather Bluetooth Speaker is a Tower of Power

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that brings the noise, you’ve got to check out the Soundcast VG5. It’s an all-weather speaker that packs a serious punch. With stunning features and performance, the VG5 is a fantastic choice for both outdoor and indoor dance parties. Available on Amazon for $449.99, the VG5’s performance is worth every penny.

Inside a tower-style design, the VG5 packs some neat features. On top of the tower is a capacitive touch interface and fuel gauge-style LED array to display the battery capacity. The exterior of the speaker is weather resistant, so you can bring it outside and not have to worry about a passing shower.

Everything that comes in the box.

The VG5 is powered by a long-throw, down-firing 6” woofer as well as two 3” full range drivers. The combination creates a low-end booming sound with excellent clarity to fill any room. The VG5’s battery is rechargeable and it comes with an AC power supply so you can play music while using the battery, while plugged into AC power, or while plugged into a separate USB power bank.

The top of the VG5 tower features the capacitive control panel. With the touch of your finger, you can turn your speaker on or off, turn the Bluetooth radio on/off, turn on Bluetooth discoverability, mute the speaker, turn the volume up/down, and play/pause your music.

Close up of the control panel

The VG5 features Bluetooth 4.2 technology with the ability to remember up to 8 wireless devices. It also features Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo Circuitry and hi-def AAC and apt-X codecs.

The handle on the back.

At the rear of the VG5 tower, you’ve got all of your connectors hidden by a weather resistant seal. You have a 1/8” aux-in (3.5mm mini) jack, AC/DC power input, and a USB/Service jack. At the bottom of the tower is the rechargeable battery compartment that’s sealed using four screws. The tower measures 17” tall x 7.75” wide x 7.75” deep and weighs a hefty 11.7lbs. It does have a handle on the back for carrying, but it’s not something you’ll want to carry very far.

Ports on the back.

We had a lot of fun testing the VG5 Bluetooth speaker at my house. My four-year-old daughter loves Taylor Swift and Disney songs, so we blasted them throughout the house and had a few dance parties. Unsurprisingly, the VG5 performed extremely well, pumping out deep, heavy bass while also hitting those high notes to provide great audio clarity.   Plus, the fact that we could bring those dance parties to the backyard was a huge bonus!

If you’re in the market for a high-fidelity Bluetooth speaker that’s weather-resistant, look no further than the Soundcast VG5. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed by it.

You can purchase your Soundcast VG5 from Amazon [affiliate link].

Source: The Soundcast VG5 was a manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I Like:  Excellent sound quality; Great build quality; Weather-resistant; Battery powered for mobility

What Needs Improvement:  A bit heavy; Pricey, but worth it

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