The 30° Ruler Is the Premium Ruler You Never Knew You Needed


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Orangered Life created the 30° Ruler as part of their effort when creating their other Kickstarter project Foliage and realized the limitations inherent in rulers available to them. Some of the better products are those which are simple and yet address some basic problems efficiently and that’s what the 30° Ruler aims to do.

The 30° Ruler Is the Premium Ruler You Never Knew You Needed

The 30° Ruler was launched on Kickstarter and in addition to reaching its funding target within two hours of launch, the project also received more than 800 backers and dozens of favorable comments from supporters which was a new record for Orangered Life. The principle behind the project is to address some of the key deficiencies that exist with the classic ruler. 

“…As we were creating the Foliage, we realized that while we have rulers on hand all the time as designers, they really haven’t evolved or made life easier for the user. We focused on bringing a classic design up-to-date and it’s those changes which we think have been so well received by Kickstarter’s community of investors.” – Kelly Chen, Orangered Life designer

One of the key differences with this ruler is the 30° angle which allows for much easier readability while also making it easier to handle than a regular flat ruler. Further to this, the ruler is made from Aerospace grade aluminum with the lines and numbers laser engraved for that premium look and feel. This also means it is safe for cutting and offers better non-slip ability when using it for drawing lines.

The 30° Ruler Is the Premium Ruler You Never Knew You Needed

If that wasn’t enough the ruler does double duty by providing both measurements in inches and centimeters on either side of the ruler. This also makes it easier to read by not having both centimeters and inches crammed onto the rule on one side as many classic rulers have and possibly mistaking what you measurement unit you are using while in a hurry.

While the ruler was designed inherently for designers it is something that obviously struck a chord with many people given the success that it has received on Kickstarter in such a short period of time. The 30° Ruler comes in two sizes (6 inches/15 cm or 12 inches/30 cm) and is available today via the Kickstarter page, so you can go grab one if you are so inclined. 

The 30° Ruler Is the Premium Ruler You Never Knew You Needed



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