ZEUS ARC GT High-Performance Dry Herb Vape Is a Compact Powerhouse

Combining quality materials, a simple but refined industrial design, and high performance, the Zeus Arc GT is a superb vape. The good people at TVape sent us one of the $229.99 portable vapes for review, and we are impressed. Anodized aluminum with a matte black finish and a gold chamber and vapor path, are key to why this is a quality product.

A portable vape doesn’t have to be overly complicated but, too often, companies make a simple product complicated by adding feature after feature. We were particularly interested in having a chance to review the Zeus Arc GT because it combines top-quality materials and design with a simplicity that lets you enjoy using it on the go without too much fuss. It is the simplicity of the Arc GT’s design that stands out.

The Zeus Arc GT is a compact, high-performance dry herb vaporizer that is engineered in Germany, offering unrivaled vapor production with a gold chamber and all gold vapor path. The Zeus Arc GT’s automotive DNA packs tons of horsepower under a sleek chassis featuring an accelerometer, haptic feedback, built-in multi-tool, three temperature cycles, USB charging and firmware upgradeable.

Inside the box, there is the Zeus Arc Vaporizer, pipe cleaners, Q-tips, Alcohol wipes, and a USB cable that’s everything you need to get going with the Arc GT. If you want to go a step further though you can get one of the many accessories that Zeus offers, these include a Zeus Armor carrying case, a Zeus Charge portable charger and a Zeus Bolt grinder. You can also use the Zeus Iceborn that we previously reviewed, but that requires the additional purchase of an Iceborn Adapter.

The Arc GT stands about 3.5” tall, is 2” wide and comes in at less than an inch deep. It has a solid feel thanks to Zeus opting to fabricate its body from anodized aluminum. The matte black finish makes it look like something Q would hand to 007 right before sending him off on his next mission. The words “Zeus” and “Arc” are on the front of the vaporizer as is a small imprint with the words, “Engineered in Germany.” The letters “GT” are stamped in gold on the side and add just a bit of flash to a vape that is otherwise entirely formed from stealth DNA.

The sides to the Arc GT are a bit tapered, so each side is a bit thinner than the rest of the vape’s body. The middle of each side dips in slightly adding a bit more visual interest but, more importantly, giving you a comfortable place to rest your thumb when holding it.

The bottom of the Zeus GT initially looks like it holds no interest. On closer examination, however, there is a surprise.

The center of the bottom is a multipurpose tool that is held in place magnetically. Pulling it out reveals the micro USB charging port. More interesting though is the tool itself.

It’s designed to help you shovel dry herb into the heating chamber, tamp it down a bit, mix the herbs during a session and, when the time comes, empty the chamber so you can clean it and get ready for the next session. It could be easy to lose this tool when charging the vape since the charging port sits beneath it. That’s solved, we hope, by the ability to set it on the top of the vape which, like the bottom, is magnetic.

Like another portable vape we’ve reviewed, there is no visible mouthpiece. Instead, the flat rubber top has a narrow slit. When using the vape you simply place your mouth on this section of the top, it takes up about 1/3 of it, and draw. Not everyone loves this design preferring, instead, a traditional mouthpiece, but this approach adds to the stealth nature of the Arc GT and its “I’m not a vaporizer” appearance.

Pulling up on this rubber “cap” releases it from the Arc GT and reveals the heating chamber. The sides surrounding it are a bit raised and make it easy to keep any herb from spilling all over the place when you go to fill it.

The chamber is fairly large but, for those times when you might want to use less herb, an included glass insert cuts its capacity down by a significant amount.

To use the Arc, you press down on the mouthpiece. This turns on the vape, and then, with each successive press, you can cycle through the three heating cycles.

Three horizontal LEDs on the front of the Arc GT, unnoticeable when the device is not in use, indicate which of the three cycles is currently active. It is worth experimenting with each of the three heating cycles to see which one you prefer or, if you like, which one works best at different times of the day or at different times in the “lifecycle” of “packed” chamber. (i.e., one setting might be better when using a freshly packed chamber while another may be preferable later in the process.)

When a heating cycle is complete, the Arc GT vibrates. This haptic feedback makes it easy to know when the device is ready. It is such simple but effective touches that make using the Arc GT such a pleasure.

The gold heatsink, chamber, and vapor path might seem like a bit of a gimmick- a “way to add some bling to your daily vape thing.” In actual use, though they seem to have a significant impact on the Vaping experience by keeping the vapor cool and, for want of a better term, “pure.” Many small vapes produce thin, harsh vapor. That’s not the case here. And if you want an even cooler experience you can pick up a Zeus Iceborn and the adapter for using the Arc GT with it.

And while you need the adapter to use the Iceborn, it serves another purpose.

Swapping it out for the cover that ships with the Arc GT gives you a more traditional mouthpiece if you don’t love the flat, stealth design, this is the way to go.

Making use of the Arc GT requires just a few simple steps. After you remove the mouthpiece to reveal the herb chamber you fill it with the desired type and amount of dried material using the multipurpose tool. Using the same multipurpose tool, you pack down the material a bit and replace the mouthpiece and the multipurpose tool. Pressing down on the mouthpiece turns the Arc GT on and then successive presses cycle through the three heating cycles. When the Arc GT gets to temperature and heating is complete the device vibrates, and the lights turn green. It’s then time to inhale. When the session is done you can turn off the device by pressing the mouthpiece but, if you forget never fear, the motion-sensors will automatically shut it off if no movement is detected after a few minutes. The process is that simple, refined and foolproof.

It is worth noting that the firmware running the Zeus Arc and the Zeus Arc GT can be updated. An update is already available for it.

Update With Ease: The Zeus Arc firmware update unlocks a layer of customization for your Zeus Arc and Arc GT, allowing you to select the temperature mode which best suits your vaping habits. You can change your selection at any time, feel free to experiment and find the right mode for you.


The Zeus Arc GT is as simple, elegant and understated as any vape we have seen. The solid aluminum construction looks and feels great. The subtle curves that create the tapered sides and the concave body are comfortable to hold and make it easy to keep a grip on the device.

The three heating cycles let you find the approach that works best for you. And the fact that it gets up to 90 minutes of vaping per charge means it is great when you are headed out for the day. Of course, the real standout feature, and the only one that matters is the quality of the vaping experience. Thankfully, with its refined design and gold chamber and vapor path, the Zeus Arc GT is an absolute pleasure to use.

Source: Review sample provided by TVape

What I Like: Compact, refined, “stealth” design; Simple to use and to clear; Delivers 90 minutes of use per charge; Has three different heating cycles; Updatable; Includes spacer for times when smaller amounts of material are in use; Simple to use and requires no app

What Needs Improvement: Lacks the customization you get with vapes that have companion apps; Only for dry herb; Multipurpose tool can be easily lost

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