Shoot Your Shot with JOBY’s Tripods

JOBY’s a household name in the photography world, known for making long-lasting products that come in a variety of sizes and combinations that fit every scenario. I’ve had the opportunity to check out three of their latest products, and there hasn’t been a situation that they haven’t made my life a bit easier.

Shoot Your Shot with JOBY’s Tripods

The first of the three is the HandyPod Mobile Plus, which stays in my everyday carry. The portable mini tripod is made for smartphones and fits my Google Pixel 3 XL and my iPhone XS Max, when the latter is not in it’s Apple Battery Case. What stands out the most about the HandyPod to me is unlike other tripods of this make, the HandyPod Mobile Plus is able to be used in both Portrait AND Landscape to take photos.

This came in handy more recently on our family vacation where we needed a quick setup for snapping a group photo when there were no passers-by, the HandyPod Mobile Plus we simply set on the top of a bench, and with the included push-button (that’s removable for snapping from far away), we were able to take photos from a distance that not only looked fantastic but were taken quicker than it would’ve been to wait for someone to come by and take the photo for us. Available now, the HandyPod Mobile Plus is available for $49.95.

Shoot Your Shot with JOBY’s Tripods

Next, there’s the GorillaPod Mobile Rig, which is my PRIMARY way of live streaming our podcasts while recording. When connected to my Zoom H6 and Pixel 3Xl, the GorillaPod Mobile Rig can do absolutely NO wrong. With its ball and socket design that’s been covered by many other companies who speak nothing but great things about the GorillaPod, the Mobile Rig version comes com please with two arms, two cold shoe mounts and a GoPro mount so that you can not only shoot backup video from your action cam, but you can even attach a mobile microphone, or in my case, a mobile light that allows me to get better lightning regardless of the situation.

Shoot Your Shot with JOBY’s Tripods

Since the GorillaPod Mobile Rig is fully adjustable, you can easily attach it to plenty of places for shooting your footage including chairs, trees, and in my case, a stubborn tabletop.

Shoot Your Shot with JOBY’s Tripods

The GorillaPod Mobile Rig is a vloggers dream and should be every podcasters best friend, especially if you want to connect more to your fanbase using places like Instagram Live and Periscope. It’s available for $99.95 directly from

Shoot Your Shot with JOBY’s Tripods

Finally, there’s the TelePod Mobile, which is an all-in-one mobile way of essentially getting all of the photos you desire. While many different selfie sticks get banned from outdoor venues and conventions, the TelePod Mobile is so discreet, you can drop it down in your bag, and when it’s time to take it out for a photo, nobody would know the wiser. Its ability to be used as a handgrip, monopod or even an elevated stand, I’ve repurposed the TelePod Mobile from JOBY as a mobile Podcasting version of the GorillaPod Mobile Rig.

Since the attachment mount is detachable, I’ve been able to place my Zoom H6 on the Telepod to sit it a bit higher when I’m recording from my MacBook. The weight might be a bit much for larger items but my Zoom H6 and the Telepod Mobile have held up for the most part. It’s mostly designed for small point and shoots or smartphones though for what it’s worth. This is a perfect way of mobile blogging, and taking photos on the go with family, especially when paired with the included Bluetooth Impulse remote shutter. Unlike the HandyPod I spoke about earlier, the TelePod mobile extends outward (hence it’s alternative use as a selfie stick), but when standing on it’s own, you cause the TelePod Mobile to situate your phone, then raise it’s arm for taking photos that need a bit of height to them. Although the TelePod Mobile is out of stock right now, you can purchase normally for $59.95.

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What I Like: Each serves a unique purpose but all allow you to get the perfect show regardless of the circumstance

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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