Bodyguardz mykase Turns my iPhone into a Gear Diary Phone


Back in January we posted a look at Bodyguardz new mykase for iPhone 4S. The case allows you to protect your iPhone while changing the look to fit your mood thanks to an innovative swappable back plate. Here’s the video look at it in action.

Well the mykase is even more customizable than that. You see, the company now allows you to purchase one-of-a-kind custom back plates that you can make yourself right on their website.

Mykase for iPhone 4 4S by BodyGuardz 2 1

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The customization engine is easy to use and walks you through the process step by step. You can upload a favorite image, adjust it to your liking, preview it to make sure it is perfect and then… order your new back plate. That’s exactly what I did!

Photo 2 JPG

I took the logo of my favorite website, sized and rotated it until I was happy with the look and then hit “Order”.

Photo 5 JPG

The new plate slides right into the case I picked up at CES. And the result…

Photo 4 JPG

You can see for yourself!

The case is a nicely protective slider case that gives good “lay on the table” protection. And now that it is customized with the plate I made it is a one-of-a-kind case… and a walking advertisement for Gear Diary! I love it.

The mykase starter kit is $29.95. Extra back plates cost $9.95 each and a customized back plate will run you $19.95. You can check them all out on the product page.

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3 Comments on "Bodyguardz mykase Turns my iPhone into a Gear Diary Phone"

  1. All they need now is a similar setup for iPads. 😉  Question for you Dan, how durable do the logos appear? That is, how friction-resistant do they seem?

    • The logo looks and feels pretty secure on the plate. Before writing it up, and then again just now, I rubbed my finger over it again and again (not my nail mind you) and the logo remained pristine and there was zero ink on my finger.
      Not sure how much i would want the extra thickness and weight on the iPad since it really results in two layers of back protection. (Not an issue on the iPhone imo) We will be checking out some of their new iPad offerings and they look great!

      • Regarding the iPad, I was thinking back to a conversation you, Judie and I had a couple months back about a my putting logo on an iPad skin, as opposed to a case as shown here. I agree that an iPad with a similar case configuration might be awfully thick.

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