Ohsnap Is ‘the Phone Grip That Doesn’t Suck’, and You Need One!

I’ve avoided adding a grip to my phone because, quite simply, I hadn’t found one that I thought added enough features to make adding its bulk to my phone worthwhile. The Ohsnap phone grip changes all of that. I was a backer when they were on Kickstarter, and the Ohsnap has quickly become indispensable.

Ohsnap Is 'the Phone Grip That Doesn't Suck', and You Need One!

A successful Kickstarter that actually shipped before the company showed up at CES to promote their product, the Ohsnap phone grip is easy to apply, easy to use, thin enough to not get snagged on your pockets, and it is wireless charging compatible. Best of all, it has neodymium magnets embedded in it, so you can use it to stick your phone to any steel surface (like your fridge or a filing cabinet), or you can use it with any magnetic car mount.

This is the video Ohsnap used for Kickstarter …

Here’s the packaging. It’s very minimal, which I like.

Included in the package are the Ohsnap phone grip and an included metal plate that can be stuck to a non-metal surface that you’d like to mount your phone on. The Ohsnap is available in nine colors; I’m using the Kelly Green version on my Pixel 4 XL.

The green portion of the Ohsnap shown here is aluminum; the black sides are hard plastic and the middle black section has two tensioned rubber sides that snap up and curl when the center is pressed. The effect is similar to how a 1980’s slap bracelet works, if you can remember those.

Ohsnap Is 'the Phone Grip That Doesn't Suck', and You Need One!

Here’s the backside of the Ohsnap and the included metal mount. The adhesive on the Ohsnap is reusable, so if you decide to change cases (or phones), you can. Ohsnap says that after you’ve removed the grip from your phone or case, you can run it under lukewarm water to clean off any debris, then you should allow it to air dry, at which point, the adhesive will be as sticky as ever!

Ohsnap Is 'the Phone Grip That Doesn't Suck', and You Need One!

You can install the Ohsnap directly to your phone or to just about any phone case. It seems like it would be obvious, but if your phone back or your case is texturized, the Ohsnap may not adhere securely. At about 1.75″ wide by 4.10″ long by 0.1″ thick, Ohsnap will fit on just about any phone, but if you have a rear fingerprint reader, you might need to check to be sure that there will be enough free space lengthwise on your phone’s back (or case) to accept the grip. You can check this phone fitment database if you want to be sure before ordering.

Ohsnap Is 'the Phone Grip That Doesn't Suck', and You Need One!

Note the embedded magnets on the sliding portion of the Ohsnap grip.

Notice that there are three sets of dots going down each side of the Ohsnap’s holster.

Ohsnap Is 'the Phone Grip That Doesn't Suck', and You Need One!

The metal part of the Ohsnap is removable for wireless charging.

Each of those sets of dots is a stopping place for the metal part of the grip, so during normal use, the metal portion of the Ohsnap grip can be kept in the center of the tracks, but it can also be moved up or moved down a click for easier reach when working on a certain part of the screen; it can be fully removed when you want to wirelessly charge.

I like to slide the Ohsnap down one click so that the grip centers my hand at the bottom of my phone screen when typing; doing this makes it a lot more comfortable to type on a larger phone.

Pressing the center of the flexible center strip will pop the two sides right up. When popped up like this, the wings can be rotated 360-degrees, and depending upon which way you aim them, they make an effective portrait or landscape stand for viewing movies or making video calls.

Ohsnap Is 'the Phone Grip That Doesn't Suck', and You Need One!

The two sides are quite stiff, and you’ll notice that one side has a hole while the other side has a little tab on its underside that will catch on the other side’s hole to form a loop or ring. The ring formed is large enough to fit all of my fingers (and thumbs), but all you really need to be able to insert into the ring is up to your first knuckle on a finger to get a secure hold.

Ohsnap Is 'the Phone Grip That Doesn't Suck', and You Need One!

The finger ring can be rotated 360-degrees so you can hold your phone in the most natural and comfortable manner that works for you.

The loop stays securely fastened while on your finger; to dismantle the loop, you press down on the side with the little tab to make the two arms spring apart and then press the two sides back into the Ohsnap’s body.

Ohsnap Is 'the Phone Grip That Doesn't Suck', and You Need One!

Ohsnap is slim enough to slide into the tightest jeans pocket without snagging, and it is so easy to use with just a little bit of practice. When I backed them on Kickstarter, I bought two; I gave the second to my daughter, who was a Popsocket user. It just kind of worked out that she was over at my house and she mentioned that her Popsocket had broken again.  I showed her the Ohsnap on my phone and asked if she’d like to try it; she did, and she loves it.

The Ohsnap should be on your radar if you want a way to securely and comfortably hold your phone without dropping it or if you want a built-in phone stand that will work for landscape or portrait viewing. It’s easy to apply, easy to use, multifunctional, and so well thought out; you need one.

Ohsnap retails for $29, and it is available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Personal purchase

What I Like: Easy to apply, and it can be cleaned and then reused on a different case or device; Easy to use; Operates as a secure phone grip but also as a phone stand for landscape or portrait viewing; Available in nine great colors; Will not snag when putting in your pocket — even if your jeans are tight; Ohsnap slides up or down to adjust for easier reach on the top, middle, or bottom of your phone;  Can be applied directly to your phone or on a case; Slide the phone grip completely out of the holster for wireless charging; Works with any magnetic car mount; You can mount your phone on any steel surface; Included plate for magnetic mounting

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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