Skin Concealer Goes High Tech with Spot Reduction from Opte

Buying skin concealer is big business, but it also can be extremely complicated. There are different shades, different consistencies, and sometimes you just want to cover a particular area but then have to deal with blending the coverage. Opte thinks they have a solution with a special wand and serum that helps to blend and target problem areas.

Skin Concealer Goes High Tech with Spot Reduction from Opte

Opte works by using one of three shades to best match your skin tone. Once you’ve chosen the shade, the wand spreads just enough concealer to cover uneven or dark areas. It’s quite quick, as they demonstrated it for us at CES, and it took less than a minute for the concealer to significantly reduce the appearance of a birthmark. Overall, it was so easy even a non-makeup person could handle it daily. But if anyone tells my mother I said that I’ll deny it vehemently. She’s long dreamed of a makeup solution so simple even I won’t have an objection to it!

At $599 for a starter kit, this isn’t the cheapest beauty kit ever, but it does fulfill a unique purpose. If you’re looking for a more natural skincare routine that doesn’t involve significant amounts of concealer or base, Opte is perfect. It’s along the lines of a fancy electric toothbrush or similar grooming device; there are certainly cheaper options, but in this case, the convenience and improvement over traditional methods make it worthwhile if it fits your needs.

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