Roborock’s New H6 Robot Vacuum Is a Do-All Combo with HEPA Built-in

Roborock is one of the best robot vacuums that you’ll find on the market, with many of their vacuums currently in thousands of homes sucking up dirt and debris in corners, carpets and crevices alike. But the H6 takes what you know and love about the brand and does even better.

Roborock’s New H6 Robot Vacuum Is a Do-All Combo with HEPA Built-in

Just launched at CES is the H6 — a new, more powerful handheld vacuum that what you’re used to. A first for the company, the H6 also boasts the first LiPo battery to ever be used in a cordless stick vacuum. There’s also a 90-minute runtime in Eco mode, and 10 minutes in max mode, great for cleaning all of those crumbs and pet hairs off of surfaces. There are a host of features included with the H6 including:

  • A 5-layer filtration system with multiple cyclones plus washable a front and rear HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen and fungi, cleanses the air as it vacuums the floor
  • Ability to maintain 85% of its power after 600 charges
  • 420W of power drives a multi-layer impeller, creating up to 140AW suction, easily lifting dirt and fine particles from carpets, beds, car seats, and soft furnishings
  • Unpleasant noise is minimized by a noise dampening chamber and advanced airflow control, then further reduced by the rear filter
  • Integrated accessory rack, usable in both wall-mounted and free-standing configurations, keeps all the accessories you need in easy reach
  • Boost Mode automatically increases suction when a carpet is detected for a more thorough clean.

Roborock’s New H6 Robot Vacuum Is a Do-All Combo with HEPA Built-in

If that’s not your cup of tea, you should also check out the S6 Pure, which is the latest in the S6 series. Complete with precision laser navigation of the S6, the S6 Pure can completely map out your home and then clean whichever room you choose all with a few taps from your phone.

For more information head to Roborock’s site today.

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