Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub Makes Grills Smarter

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Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub Makes Grills Smarter Listen to this article

While I tend to grill and smoke year-round, the true grilling season is upon us. Technology has brought many new ways to tend to our pits and Weber has released the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub which will connect your backyard grill to your smartphone. Using both Bluetooth as well as WiFi, the Weber app keeps you connected to your cook remotely.

I get asked all the time how long to grill or smoke certain things. Here is a secret. To make great BBQ, it takes exact internal temperatures regardless of time. The Weber Connect will help you monitor those temps and your cooks can come out perfect every time. With up to four probes, this device frees you to do other things while monitoring pit temps as well as food temperatures. The companion app is also a wealth of information for numerous meats if it is your first time to cook them.

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub Makes Grills Smarter

The package comes with two probes, one for food temperature and one for ambient temperature. This allows the monitoring of one item as well as pit temperature. The device can be expanded to up to four probes with additional available for purchase for $15 each. A charging cable is also provided in the box. I love that the probes come with a storage option. So much better than them being wrapped up and tangled when not in use.

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub Makes Grills Smarter

Simply plug a probe into the device to power it on. Once the probes are removed, it will power off. Make sure you follow the instructions to pair to your phone both using Bluetooth and Wifi. That is where this product shines. Temperature probes are color coated so you can easily identify what they are used for in the app. The heavy-duty connectors at both ends of the wire make these some of the most rugged probes I have used. I can see these lasting a long time. I would have loved to see another two food probes included in the box.

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub Makes Grills Smarter

Where this probe really shines is with the Weber Connect app. You can set temperature alerts to flip or wrap your meat. I always wrap brisket at 160 so this frees me to not babysit the pit while smoking. I then will set another alarm at 203 to pull the meat off and to let it rest. Most of the meats I smoke are done the exact same way every time to certain temps. This makes it super easy.

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub Makes Grills Smarter

If you are completely new to grilling and smoking, the app is a wealth of knowledge to help get you started. Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub Makes Grills Smarter

Once the type of meat is chosen, select the cut and size.

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub Makes Grills Smarter

There will be an option for prep instructions then grill instructions. The prep instructions are step-by-step and detailed.

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub Makes Grills Smarter

Once the meat is prepped, follow the cook instructions and let the app take care of the rest.

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub Makes Grills Smarter

The Weber Connect is a rugged device with high-quality probes. Connecting to both Bluetooth and Wifi is simple and I did not experience any loss of signal. The companion app keeps track of each probe and temperatures and allows for temp alarms. For beginners, the app will walk you through a large number of grilling options from prepping the meat, to the entire grilling process. Any of these recipes will bring successful meals every time. Turning my smoker into a smart grill is a great feature. I can mow or run errands and always be able to check up on the cook or get alarms at designated temperatures. No more sitting and babysitting the cook. Weber is a long time quality player in the grilling game, and they knocked the Weber Connect out of the park.

The Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub retails for $129.99, and it is available directly from the manufacturer and from other retailers including Amazon [affiliate link]. The companion app for both iOS and Android are free. 

Source: Manufacturer supplied reviewed sample

What I like: Rugged probes; Easy to use; Companion app full of great features

What could be improved: I really would have liked to see the two extra probes included in the box

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