Lenovo Leverages Internet of Things to Help Offices with COVID-19

Lenovo is all about giving companies the tools to be productive, and that includes keeping people safe when they get back to work. They’re rolling out what they call Think IoT Back to Work Solutions. Basically, Lenovo will deliver an ecosystem of hardware and software that makes it safer to return to the office in the new COVID-19 world.

Lenovo Leverages Internet of Things to Help Offices with COVID-19

Think IoT Back to Work is designed to cover everything that might come up for businesses as they open. They include touchless building access, elevated temperature screening, digital signage, monitoring software to ensure social distancing, and contact tracing tools in the event that someone does get sick.

The idea is that companies can opt for this ecosystem and Lenovo technicians will set it up and allow them to get back to as close as “business as usual” as possible. By combining it into their “internet of things” division, Lenovo can help companies automate the software side and can assist with getting the hardware up and running properly. This won’t replace good old common sense and wearing a mask, but it will help make returning to offices safer.

Via Lenovo

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